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How We Met

Johnny and I have been together since September 11, 2011. We had met through family friends twice and on the second occasion, johnny had asked me to go on a date with him.

Our first date consisted of running in the rain and exploring Niagara Falls together. Johnny had planned everything and asked me to join him for a little road trip from Toronto to the Falls. Now, for a first date, that was quite brave, two strangers stuck in a car for an hour or so with only the radio as a distraction. It could have gone horribly wrong and ended with an awkward car ride home of silence. But instead, I must say it went by fast, I could tell Johnny was nervous and excited, he couldn’t stop asking me questions. (Haha, it seemed like I really intrigued him). It was off to a good start.

Johnny had planned a slew of activities at the Falls, including mini golf, 4D movies, and museums. We had an action packed day and we both couldn’t wait to go get some food and continue to ask each other questions and get to know this mysterious stranger.

Johnny had booked two different restaurants in case I didn’t like one in particular. He asked me ” am I hungry or am I HUNGRY!?”as a Greek girl who has been surrounded by food my whole life, I answered and said “I was HUNGRY!”. The restaurant that accommodates someone being extra hungry, was extra far, meaning a longer walk (a sloppy sprint in heels) in the pouring rain. (If you love me with wet hair and smudged makeup, you’ll love me forever!) I knew this stranger was going to stick around.

Johnny took us to Cobacabana, a beautiful Brazilian steakhouse with all the wonders of meats and fish someone could ask for. Let’s just say we didn’t talk as much as we had liked.

The night ended with a nice walk towards the car, it was past midnight and it seemed like we were the only ones at Niagara Falls. We walked past the falls, listening to the water fall and laughing about random facts Johnny felt were important for me to know. As we felt the rain begin to start again, Johnny brought me closer to him and kissed me under the rain (Movie scene or what?). The car ride home was anything but awkward and from there, we had so many more dates, too many road trips to Niagara Falls (not kidding, we practically lived there), and on September 11, 2011 we began our amazing journey together, one that would change both of our lives forever!

how they asked

Every year Johnny and I plan a vacation. Somewhere we’ve never been and somewhere we’ve always dreamt of going. Considering Johnny had never visited Europe and I have only been to Greece a couple of times. We decided to plan our summer 2017 trip to Paris and Greece!

Fast forward to our Paris trip, it was September 17th 6 in the morning. Johnny had told me the day before that we were going to a nice cafe near Trocadéro, (which has an amazing view of the Eiffel Tower). He said it gets really busy there and so we should go in the morning (like 6 am early in the morning…). He said to dress fancier because it way a fancy cafe.

Now, to some it may sound like red flags, Paris in the morning with the Eiffel tower and a pretty dress. (How did you NOT know he was going to propose!?) But I honestly didn’t think he was going to, he knew I always wanted to visit a classic Parisian cafe, so Johnny being extra as he always is, I assumed he wanted us to go early to get better service and for it to be more quite so we could enjoy our time together better. And in all honestly, I really didn’t think he could have pulled off planning a proposal without me finding out, and bringing the ring with him throughout our travels without me not even noticing!

So we woke up early on the 17th, we got dressed up and made our way to Trocadéro. This area had the most breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower. I literally couldn’t believe how picture perfect it looked. We had arrived to Cafe Carrete at sunrise, where everything did look like a dream.

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We sat outside the cafe, admiring the beautiful colours in the sky, when we met Ioana, a photographer in Paris that Johnny had arranged a photo shoot with. At this point I had a small idea of what was going on, but I didn’t say anything to him; I went with it because I was so excited and I knew Johnny had taken a lot of time to plan this.

We both walked to the top of the staircase at Trocadéro, where we took a few pictures and then we stood at the center of the viewing platform just taking it all in, in each others arms. Then he looked at me, smiled and told me how much I meant to him, honestly that’s all I remember because I knew what was going to happen and with all my excitement, everything is a blur.

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I remember getting so giddy, laughing and just being so into that moment with him it seemed like we were the only ones there. Then he got down on his knee. In that moment I had never been happier, my dreams were coming true. I was being asked to marry the love of my life, with the Eiffel tower in the background and the crisp morning sky above us, he placed the most perfect ring on my finger. I didn’t even have to say anything (honestly I don’t even remember what I said, I was in complete shock and insanely happy). I just kissed him and in that moment in the early morning on September 17th, everything was absolutely perfect.

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