Sarah and John

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how we met

We first met when we were teenagers through my best friend, Lauren. John was the son of Lauren’s youth group leaders and they had been friends since they were very young. We saw each other often at youth events at Lauren’s church and her birthday parties. We got to know each other better in the summer of 2012 when I was a children’s ministry intern at John and Lauren’s church. I was a student at Liberty University and John was about to start at LU. I was told by John’s mother, Charlotte, to “keep watch over him” while he was at school. I took that suggestion to heart when I invited him to my church in Lynchburg.

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We began hanging out more, going to church together, volunteering together through Student’s Behind Our Soldiers, baking pretzels, and having binge-watch sessions of The Office at my townhouse. We were friends the whole time, and discussed officially dating often, but decided to wait. Finally, on December 6, 2012, we officially started dating.

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how they asked

In the Fall of 2013, I started student teaching back home while John continued his degree at Liberty. We spent the next two years enduring a long-distance relationship. Thanks to trust in God and encouragement from friends and family, our relationship stayed strong through this time.

In the Fall of 2015, John decided to finish his last year of Liberty at home. He got his job and began saving up money for our future together. All the while, I was impatiently waiting an engagement. In February 2016, we went on a trip to go to a concert in Knoxville, TN to see one of our favorite artists, Erick Baker. I had a suspicion that John would propose that weekend, because the timing was right with him getting a job a few months prior, but I had no idea what he had in store.

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I actually thought he would propose ON THE WAY to the concert, but he didn’t. So, I was a bit bitter when we arrived to the concert. The concert was amazing, he played ALMOST all our favorite songs… except one. During the concert, Erick Baker announced that the next song was dedicated to Sarah and John. I was stunned and looked at John who completely denied knowing anything. We were taken backstage by Erick’s wife to have a “behind-the-scenes” concert.

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At the end of the song, Erick announced that he was mistaken; the NEXT song would be for Sarah and John, the previous song was actually for a different couple. YIKES! At that moment, we went onstage as he started to play one of our favorite songs,”My Two Left Feet.” We started dancing onstage in front of over 500 people. I was so surprised and the audience was going crazy – they may have been a bit drunk.

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At the end of the song, John got on one knee and proposed to me. We got to get pictures with Erick and got BIG hugs and a congratulations from him, too. It was the moment of a lifetime, definitely worth waiting three years.

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