Sarah and Joel

how we met

Joel and I met sophomore year of college. We both attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania. We had mutual friends who introduced us and we quickly became best friends. One semester we had an accounting class together, we would do our homework & study together a lot. Over the course of that semester we realized our friendship blossomed into us having real feelings for each other. I think there is something really special to be able to say “my husband was my best friend before he was anything else to me”

how they asked

It was a total surprise to me! Joel proposed on 11/24/18 ( my birthday). He fooled me into thinking we were going on a beer walking tour in Philadelphia.. he got down on one knee and then all of a sudden both our families came from wherever they were hiding. We went to a restaurant to have dinner to celebrate my birthday and the proposal. After dinner we went to a karaoke bar ( i love to sing but i am not good at it- lol!) I walked into the room and all our friends were there to surprise me again! It was a wonderful night, we dance and sung the night away.. from what I can remember… :)

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