Sarah and Joe

how they asked

When Joe and I met, he learned that I loved Disney and always wanted to go for my birthday. So, for my first birthday with Joe, he took me to Disney for a weekend getaway. We decided to make that a tradition, with my birthday typically falling on or around spring break from teaching elementary school. This year, we did not go to Disney until the day after my birthday. On March 21, 2018, we were at the Magic Kingdom, when Joe planned to pop the question.

I had a feeling the proposal was coming. We had talked about it a lot and he kept giving me very ambiguous hints as to when, where, and how it would happen. I love puzzles and mysteries, so I put the clues together and had a feeling the most Magical place would be it. However, with it being spring break and the Magic Kingdom, the park was absolutely packed during the fireworks show when he planned to propose. It literally felt like we were sardines in a can! His proposal was not going to be able to go as planned and I was going to have to wait. The next night, we went to Hollywood Studios. The day was long and we were both exhausted.

We spent the morning at another park and it was extremely hot during the middle of the day. After dinner, we decided to watch their fireworks show and found out that the fireworks show was Star Wars themed (another love of mine). Towards the end of the fireworks that night, Joe kept messing with his backpack that I was wearing and I knew what was happening. When the fireworks finally ended, he stepped towards me, just as my favorite Star Wars character (an Ewok) appeared with the ring box. I threw him off by telling him not to get on a knee, knowing how tired we both were and feeling a bit shy and shocked. So he handed me the box saying “here.”

I put on the ring as the smoke fell from the fireworks and the reality of what happened hit, just as everyone began to exit the now-closed park. While everyone was trying to leave, I just stood there crying in the middle of the sidewalk as the cast members tried ushering everyone out of the park. We wanted a picture to capture the moment, but all the photographers were gone. We finally found one, ironically with the “Happily Ever After” sign.