Sarah and Jimmy | The Perfect Mountaintop Proposal

How we met: We all know, life has a crazy way of leading us down roads that we didn’t know existed and sometimes they happen to be the right ones.

marriage proposal photos_1_TOPOur story began on a soccer field in Long Island, New York, Jimmy was coaching and I was watching my cousin play in a tournament. We had a very awkward hello, after my aunt introduced us on a rainy day. Jimmy has coached the majority of my family and because of this he avoided me for three years, even after I tried countless times to hang out. We finally got around to going out after he stopped coaching my youngest cousin and I can honestly say that I knew after our very first date that he was going to be in life for a long time.

how they asked: Jimmy is the quintessential athletic type, he is a ski bum; if the mountain has snow he does everything in his power to be there. I am the quintessential Florida girl, a beach bum by nature. In our first months of dating Jimmy took on the task of teaching me how to ski, it was the first time a boyfriend taught me something he loved so we could enjoy it together. If I was going to be in Jimmy’s life by his side, I wanted to learn, and I now successfully get down the mountain not only on green trails and blue trails but on black trails!

Fast forward to our second winter skiing; I have my own equipment now and season ski pass, who would have ever thought. We almost always ski in Vermont at Okemo Mountain, it is a long four hour ride from New York of me trying to keep Jimmy awake but we love it. On January 31 we loaded in the car for, what I thought to be, our generic Friday night drive to Vermont to ski with friends and family. Saturday morning was business as usual; wake up, eat breakfast, drink coffee, apply your ski layers and out the door no later than 9.

Once we were on the mountain we conveniently “lost” everyone but Kiery, Jimmy’s cousin, and went about our normal trials. We skied over to South Face in order to pick-up Upper Mountain Road. Jimmy had said he wanted his cousin to take our photo, to make up for not taking them a few weeks prior. I don’t know how this didn’t set off the alarm in my mind but it didn’t. We made our way to the lift and it breaks, apparently at this point Jimmy is having a nervous breakdown. The lift is fixed and we are on our way to the trail, alas we approach the trail and it is closed. Jimmy and Kiery ski right under the rope and I followed; this is very unlike me and I found out later Jimmy was very nervous that I wouldn’t follow. We skied down to the overlook and took our skis off to take a few photos.

marriage proposal photos_1

marriage proposal photos_2

He started to describe our relationship, how happy he was, how happy we are together and when he got to the “I’ve spent 27 years without you, and I never want to spend another one without you” part, I then realized what was happening.

marriage proposal photos_3

He knelt down on his knee and asked me to marry him, I mumbled “yes” but all I wanted to do was hug him. He had to ask me a second time to hear the simplest of words but the most meaningful of word at that moment, “YES”!

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I know girls and boys! You may read this next part and think, “yea yea” but that moment was truly the most amazing moment that has ever happened to me; that moment was perfectly us in every way. Not everyone needs an elaborate thought out proposal, not everyone needs a huge big rock, what everyone does need is what is right for them! This is the reason why I love, every story is perfectly different!

I never thought in my wildest dreams I would be engaged to a high school soccer coach but our relationship is the most amazing thing that I could ever imagine. And to think, this is the only the beginning of our story; I personally can’t wait to see what the next chapter holds.