Sarah and Jesse

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How We Met

Well, Jesse and I first met at a high school football game while we were still in 7th grade. He tells me often how he had a huge crush on me but at the time I absolutely did not like him at all. I found him annoying and immature (of course he was, he was a 7th grade boy!). He would text me and call me often but I never reciprocated the texts and calls. He ended up giving up a bit on me and we both moved on until our sophomore year of high school. I was walking around our local mall by myself and he was walking around with a group of his friends, I came up the escalator and ran right into him. I awkwardly said, “Hello,” and instantly walked away.

Totally embarrassed because Jesse actually got CUTE!! Like reeeally cute! I came home that afternoon and gushed to my best friend (one of the gals who was actually at the proposal) about him and I decided I would work up the courage to shoot him a text just to see if he still had my number and guess what… HE DID!! That evening we ended up talking on the phone catching up for 4 hours and the rest is history. I knew I was in love with him about 6 months in even though I was only 16 I just knew he was different.

Four and a half years later here we are engaged and planning to spend the rest of our lives by each others sides.

how they asked

Jesse and I have been together for 5 years. We started dating our sophomore year of high school and have been together ever since. I had always dreamed of being proposed to at my family’s lake. We visited there quiet often because Jesse and I loved to go fishing together. We had talked about getting engaged for a long time but I wasn’t sure when that would happen. We visited my lake with my two best friends, my one best friends new fiancé and my fiancé’s two brothers just to cookout and do some fishing. We had been there for several hours having a great time.

I was out on the dock by myself reeling in my cast when my now fiancé came out behind me. He simply asked (for the fourth time that day),”Do you still want to marry me?” And I answered with a giggle,” Of course I do.” As I uttered those words I turned around, dropped my pole on the dock and my knees buckled as I saw my handsome man on bended knee and being a man of few words he said, “Will you marry me,” all while holding the most stunning ring I have ever seen.

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A 1920s European Cut diamond ring with blue sapphires (my birth stone) on each side.

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He had his brother Mick snap a few photos of the moment and my best friend snapped a couple as well! Our souls are definitely made from the same material and he helps me enjoy life and live it to the absolute fullest. I am unbelievably happy to begin our journey through life together. Follow our story on Instagram #lifewithsarahandjess

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