Sarah and Jesse

How We Met: We met briefly our freshmen year of college in 2011, but we were each seeing other people. He is from Indy, but went to school in New York; I’m from northern Indiana, but went to school in Indy. A year later, we were both invited to a lake house in northern Indiana where we met again-each of us single this time.

We spent nearly the entire night talking on a porch swing. As I left with my best friend she said “He’s exactly the type of guy I’ve always pictured you with.” The first year of our relationship was spent apart, with Jesse in New York and me in Indianapolis. We made it work sending letters, making care packages, visiting whenever possible, and talking all the time.

how they asked: It’s been nearly three years since we met for the second time and as a late graduation present, Jesse rented a cabin for us to stay at in Brown County, Indiana. The last morning of our stay, Jesse woke up early to cook me breakfast and had it waiting on the porch for us to eat as the sun came up. Once we finished breakfast, he went back inside to get “the rest of it.”

Image 2 of Sarah and Jesse

What he brought out was a handmade jewelry box, along with a note I had given him as part of a care package from our first Valentine’s Day together and the perfect ring.

Image 3 of Sarah and Jesse

As I was opening the box, Jesse got done on one knee and asked the question every girl dreams of hearing.

Image 1 of Sarah and Jesse