Sarah and Jesse

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How We Met

Jesse and I both attended the same campus ministry, Central Florida Wesley. He was a freshmen and I was a senior. I knew him as the loud boy who sat up front, and who go too aggressive during kickball. I ended up taking a gap year, and stayed at Wesley since I was still taking classes at the university. During this year, where we both single, he slowly but surely began to make a move. He went out of his way to say, “Hi” to me once on campus and I was honestly surprised he knew me. He was friends with two girls who I was close with, and — which I would later learn — he used this to his advantage. When I would visit my friends, he’d already be there hanging out. I got to know him as more than the loud boy, but I didn’t think anything else of it until New Year’s Eve 2014. He direct messaged me on Twitter (of all the moves!) and wished me the best for 2015. He was smooth enough to ask me for my number and we began texting. I humored it, unsure of his intentions, but loving that a guy wanted to get to know me in a non-relationship-y way. But, of course, he did want a relationship. After a couple more months of battling if I deserved to date someone as sushine-y and wonderful as Jesse, and a lot of encouragement from my friend, Alyssa, he asked me out and I said, “Yes,” without hesitation. We’ve been together for 3 years now and have survived all sorts of things, including two years of dating long-distance while I was in graduate school in Colorado.

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how they asked

This backstory is important for the proposal. Before Jesse and I started officially dating, had been casually talking. Around the beginning of February, I had a feeling he liked me, but wasn’t sure until we went to SAK Comedy Lab in Orlando for a group hang out. He was smiling from ear to ear the whole night and I was slyly trying to brush my hand against his when we sat next to each other during the show. Serious stuff, right? Flash forward to present day, February 3, 2018: the same Saturday of that first date. Earlier in the week he had suggested we go. Thanks to the beauty of Timehop, I was reminded of this date and of course, I reminded him of it and joked that it would be cute if he proposed. He had admitted that he forgot and I was slightly disappointed. That night, during the improv comedy show, we were selected as volunteers for a special Valentine’s Day scene. The scene was of a TV show for couples advice. It included a host, a happy couple, and Jesse and I as the ones who would help supply any extra advice lines. Towards the end of the skit, the actors mentioned that they were recently engaged and the host asked how it happened. It was then that Jesse was asked to fill in the line. I thought for sure it was all a joke. I was shocked as he moved towards the center of the stage, pulled out a ring, and got down on one knee. The crowd went wild and — in a daze — I stepped forward (I think the actors gave me a gentle shove, too) as he asked the big question. I could barely say, “Yes” because he had caught me so by surprise that I was speechless. The crowd cheered harder as we kissed and hugged, and then we took a bow with the cast. In improv, you’re taught to always “Say Yes” and I’m so glad I did!

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Special Thanks

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