Sarah and Jeffrey

Sarah's Proposal in Berkeley Lake, GA

How We Met

Our story began in middle school, when Sarah transferred in seventh grade in 2007. As middle school boy-girl interactions typically go, I had a very awkward crush on Sarah from the start. Unfortunately, she didn’t share the same feelings, but we started a friendship in middle school that would lay the foundation for our relationship for the rest of our lives.

Towards the end of sophomore year, we started to really become best friends and, what do you know, the awkward crush from middle school was back again. However, I was still banished to the friend zone for another two years. To this day, I maintain that it’s 100% Sarah’s fault that we didn’t start dating earlier.

In our senior year, the stars aligned, and I somehow finally broke out of the friend zone. We started dating on March 29th, 2013 after I serenaded Sarah from her bedroom window to ask her to Prom. We had a great time at the dance that would prove to be a prelude to the even more amazing times to come. After graduating high school, we set our sights on becoming “that couple” that would beat the odds as high school sweethearts that survive college.

Going to Georgia Tech together was the best thing for our relationship. There, we grew to be who we are today. We celebrated and encouraged one another throughout the incredible highs of our college experiences, and we persevered and relied on one another during the inevitable lows of the transition into adulthood.

For the last 5 ½ years, Sarah has been my rock and source of endless happiness. Whether it was formal events in New Orleans, weekends at the lake, or just quiet, lazy Sundays, I have been blessed with having her by my side through it all. In October, I made the big step of planning a proposal, and I cannot wait for our story to develop even further in the future. She has made me a better man, and I will aspire to be the best husband I can be, as that is the least I can do for this amazing woman.

How They Asked

Jeffrey and I have been talking about marriage for years, and after going ring shopping together in October, I knew it had to be happening soon. Plus, between shared locations and general nosiness, I knew I wasn’t making it easy to pull off any surprises!

After a candid discussion the week before about waiting for the ring to come in and being nervous to talk to my Dad, I wasn’t suspicious at all when on Saturday, December 1, 2018, a Christmasy Girls’ Night Out turned into a last-minute Date Night, and we were headed home to meet my parents.

For months we had discussed potential venues as we dreamed about our wedding, and a lakeside chapel in the small city in which we grew up was one of our favorites. Being outdoors, he’s always mentioned a concern about a weather plan. So since it was storming all day on Saturday, I thought it was a great idea when he suggested we stop by on our way home to check it out.

While I was trying to quickly usher us to my parents’ house after walking around for a few minutes, he continued to stall a bit, saying we could take our time to look around. Standing in the lakeside gazebo as the rain started to slow, he said, “Well whether we have the reception here or not, I think it’d be nice to have something memorable in this spot…” and he quickly got down on one knee and pulled out the ring! I was so surprised and immediately burst into tears and said YES! It was such a special moment, just the two of us in the calm after the storm.

Afterward, I asked a million questions and still couldn’t believe he had pulled it off! We joined both of our families to celebrate and toast champagne, and then Jeffrey took me to one of our favorite restaurants, Bones, to celebrate with a delicious dinner. It was the most perfect day!