Sarah and Jeffrey

How We Met

Our story started in the depths of Danbury, CT, on the campus of Western Connecticut State University. Some people call this beautiful place the Harvard of Connecticut (kidding), but we call it the home of the Tuxedo Junction night club, Molly Darcy’s tavern, and two-a-day practices courtesy of our college baseball and soccer careers.

Sarah was the soccer stallion, while I muttered awkward pickup lines out of my car window on the way up to the ball field.

For our entire college careers, we played a game of hard to get until one night, liquid courage got the best of Sarah and she finally texted me.

Her text that read “We have unfinished business” was met with a clever “Who’s this?” response, although I ABSOLUTELY had her number saved. The rest was history!

How They Asked

It was a miracle I even got the words out to ask… The first time I tried to talk to Sarah I stuttered so badly that my friends pulled me away in embarrassment. Fast forward some years later and we’re living together and dog parents. We always take a vacation at the end of the year to celebrate our growth. I knew all along that this was going to be a special one. I let Sarah pick somewhere that she thought was beautiful, and memorable, and she chose Tulum (she thought it was just another vacation, I even fought with her when she wanted to get a manicure before we left – I staged a fight and asked her why she needed one, trying to throw her off the scent).

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Tulum, Mexico

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Tulum, Mexico

Where to Propose in Tulum, Mexico

When we finally settled on the destination for vacation, I contacted the beachfront villa and asked them to help me plan the stage for the engagement. The staff at Hotelito Azul Tulum set up a private dinner on the beach, a hidden photographer, our song playing in the background, and sunset a few moments away.

When we came back from town once they finished painting the scene, I told her that Hoteito Azul gave us a free dinner on the beach. She knew- She heard our song and she started crying before we even sat down… Of course, I played it off for a solid 10 minutes, leading her to believe this was just a nice romantic dinner. But at that moment it was just us, and I finally asked that question that would bond us for life. I’m the luckiest man alive.

Special Thanks

Silvia Miculeanu
 | Photographer
Hotelito Azul
 | Planning