Sarah and Jeff's Hiking Proposal

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how we met

Jeff and I were set up by mutual friends. Although I was not pleased about being blind sided an hour before the group dinner where we were supposed to meet for the first time, I still went in with an open mind. The only problem was that I had invited another guy to the concert we were all supposed to go to after dinner! Jeff was a great sport and hung around. After the concert I ditched the other guy, (nicely of course), and asked Jeff for his number before we parted ways. I asked him out a week later and we met at a local brewery for our first real date. If was then I found out that he had only been single for a month and told him I was not interested in being his rebound. He didn’t listen to me and made it clear he was going to stick around until I was ready to give him a chance. I’m sure glad he did because we’ve been together ever since.

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how they asked

We were engaged a little over a year after we first met. Jeff actually proposed at the Eno River as well, where Erica took our engagement photos. We went for a hike with our Bernese Mountain Dog Zoey and packed a lunch to eat on the river. I was a little exhausted from our adventures the night before, (country concert!), but it was THE perfect day.

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It was June 6th, one of the last more enjoyable days of the summer before the heat really kicked in in North Carolina. I didn’t suspect anything of his big backpack, where is was hiding the ring, since we brought lunch and lots of water for the day. He knelt beside me, but since I was sitting on the ground I didn’t really notice his proposal had started! He started to say nice things but I didn’t think much of it and replied back with, “aw yes, thanks, you too…”. It wasn’t until he said, “I need to ask you an important question”, that I noticed his hand behind his back. I immediately started crying.

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It was perfect, we were alone with our dog on the river on the most beautiful day. I attached a few selfies we took on the river that day and one that night celebrating with friends, but there wasn’t a professional photographer there.

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