Sarah and Jean-Pierre

How We Met

We met at our job, he and I transferred to the same store about the same time. We became friends pretty soon after, then one night it all changed, and we have been dating ever since.

how they asked

Let me start by saying our dog Bronson is our entire world. Our whole life revolves around our fur baby. We got him two years ago and started the tradition of taking him to Myrtle Beach for his birthday. This year we had to go two weeks early, which just happened to be Mother’s Day weekend, due to a work obligation on the weekend of Bronson’s actual birthday. On our last morning at the beach, we took Bronson for one last time to go dig in the sand. After he had tired himself out the three of us sat down on the towel I had brought. After a few minutes JP asked me if the beach was my favorite place. I said “yes, you know how much I love the beach.” He then pulled out a Mother’s Day card from Bronson. I sat there and read the card and all the sweet things Bronson wrote with the help of his Daddy. At the bottom of the card they had written “P.S. I hope you like it”, that’s when I turned to give Bronson a hug and kiss for the card, but instead saw him and his daddy down on one knee. After screaming and standing there in pure shock JP asked me those magical words “will you marry me”. I immediately said yes as he slipped the most perfect ring on my finger.  There I was on a Sunday morning at 8:30am in leggings, a tank top, and no makeup agreeing to marry the man of my dreams. I wouldn’t have had it any other way :)