Sarah and Jared

How We Met

We’ve known each other for years, but our paths just never crossed. It wasn’t until I saw Jared on periscope talking about his faith that really drew my attention. I contacted him, but he wanted nothing but friendship. Finally, about 3-4 months later he asked me to dinner. That night we didn’t want to leave each others side. From that day forward we didn’t miss seeing each other more than a day.

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how they asked

Jared had his sisters take me out on a girls night on the town. He was just right around the corner near the boardwalk patiently waiting on me. I walked up to him and there were 50 yellow roses surrounding him with a crowd over 200 people. It was such a perfect night.

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Our Video

Special Thanks

Brad Rooks
 | Videography
Aaron Rooks
 | Photography