Sarah and Jan

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How We Met

It’s one of those stories when the events seem so coincidental you just have to assume it was fate. I was traveling full time and living in Lviv, Ukraine for three months. Jan is from Netherlands and he had just driven to Poland to visit friends. After leaving Poland he had a few more days before he needed to be back and came to Lviv because he had seen it on a travel show. We met at a club one night and a couple days later had the best first date either of us had ever been on. Unfortunately, he lived in Netherlands and I didn’t even have a home base so we thought we would never see each other again. We continued talking on Facebook messenger and we were sending page long letters to each other daily (I later had these made into a book as a surprise for him.) A month and a half later he came to visit me while I was staying in Italy. We took a week-long road trip around Lake Como. Two weeks later I came to stay with him in Netherlands for a week (but ended up staying for a month.) A few weeks after that he came to visit me when I was staying in Croatia and we took a week-long road trip down the Croatian coast. Then he came to visit me again Croatia a few weeks later. Through all this amazing travel it was hard being long distance so when I came to visit Jan for the holidays in Netherlands he asked me to move here to be with him. From there started a very difficult task of getting me a visa but after a year of rejections, appeals, and a lot of patience my visa finally came. About 6 months later Jan proposed while we were on a road trip through France and Switzerland.

how they asked

Jan proposed while we were on a road trip through France and Switzerland. He asked me while we were sitting on a bench in front of the lake in Geneva. It seemed so fitting that after all the road trips we have taken together that he would ask me while we were on one. I was busy talking into my camera and vlogging about our trip when suddenly he told me he had to ask me something. I honestly thought I was dreaming but when he got down on his knee and presented me with a ring I was so surprised and immediately said yes. After he proposed we walked along the lake in Geneva watching the sunset. It was the most romantic day of my life; I’ll never forget it.

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