Sarah and Jakub

How We Met

Jakub and I met in high school, it was the summer going into my junior year. We both somehow ended up at Duke University that summer, (my brother and Jakub both were attending a basketball camp). My family and I finished watching my brothers game and started walking back towards our car. Right before we got to the parking lot I heard footsteps running behind me. I turned around and their was Jakub standing behind me with a big smile. He ran all the way across the campus lawn to get to where we were standing, he turned to my mom introduced himself and said “your daughter is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen”, then turned to me and said “is there anyway I could have your phone number?”. Due to the amount of confidence that took, I gave him the benefit of the doubt and my phone number. Now here we are engaged and about to graduate college together.

how they asked

After we landed in New Jersey to visit Jakub’s family his mom asked me to go shopping. We arrived at the mall and she pulls me towards the dress section, “pick out any dress you want” she says. My very confused self then walks up and down each aisle until I found the most beautiful navy blue sequin dress. We leave the mall and she says “now I have a surprise for you”, at this point my mind was wandering. She then drives Jakub and I to New York City , dropping us off at a Heliport where we had tickets waiting for us to take a tour over the city. My heart was racing because I’m terrified of heights but surprisingly that helicopter tour over NYC together, felt like a dream. After the helicopter tour Jakub said “now I have a surprise for you”. We hop in a taxi and head to The Kimberly Hotel where we had one of our first dates. He had booked us a room and told me he made dinner reservations and at one of the best seafood restaurants and that we cant be late, he also told me that I needed to wear my new dress. We quickly got dressed. We rush to the elevator to head to dinner, but instead of pressing the lobby button he presses the button to go to the rooftop/penthouse. We walk out and a hostess greets us saying “Hello, I am so sorry but the rooftop restaurant is closed for a private event but I can take you to a private room for coffee and tea”.

Little did I know the hostess was in on the surprise and she walks us back to private table covered in rose petals and candles. Jakub got down on one knee, we were both so nervous we forgot what had been said but it ended in a “yes!” and the most beautiful ring I had ever seen on my left hand.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in NYC at the Kimberly Hotel Rooftop

The rest of the night consisted of us running around NYC with our amazing photographer taking pictures in front of the beautiful holiday decor and sights that can only be found in the beautiful city of New York in December.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in NYC at the Kimberly Hotel Rooftop

Sarah's Proposal in NYC at the Kimberly Hotel Rooftop

Special Thanks

Karen Obrist
 | Photographer
James Allen
 | Ring