Sarah and Jake

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How We Met

Jake and I met when we were 19- he had just transferred to KU after playing college basketball for a year, and I was a sophomore planning to stay single for a long time. When a mutual friend introduced us, I knew I was in danger. He was everything I had imagined my future husband to be: funny, smart, tall, witty, handsome, athletic, and, most importantly, able to put up with my sass. It was only a matter of time before we started spending more and more time together, ultimately admitting our love for one another a few months before I headed for a semester abroad in Cape Town, South Africa. Long-distance across two different continents is not fun for anyone, but Jake and I made it work and came out of it stronger than ever. That was three years ago, and we have only continued to build on our love and strengthen our relationship. We added an Irish setter puppy to our family when I graduated from KU, and Jake recently graduated from KU Law School. I will be moving to California to attend Stanford Law School in September while he’ll begin his career in Kansas, so getting engaged before we do a few more years of long-distance was a dream come true.

how they asked

Jake and I knew we wanted to get engaged before I start law school in the fall, and Jake knew he’d need my assistance in selecting a ring. We went ring-browsing in October to see different rings, but with Jake’s impending law school finals, he decided the timing for a proposal wasn’t right. Weeks turned into months, and it was about March when I started reminding Jake that I wanted to be engaged to him. He’d humor me by saying we could go look at rings or that he’d changed his mind (very funny). When I got into Stanford in April, we took a last minute trip to California, and it was then that I learned he had been planning to propose that weekend so that my family could be there to celebrate with us. I couldn’t believe that he had managed to pull one over me and buy a ring, but for reasons outside of our control, he ended up holding off proposing. I was left knowing he had a ring for me, but it wasn’t mine yet. I figured that with his last round of law school finals coming up, it would be during the summer before I’d be engaged to Jake. I set proposal dreams to the back of my brain, and went along pretending like I knew nothing. One day, he forwarded me an invitation for a lawyer networking event, and suggested we go together. It was the Friday night before his graduation, and we both agreed it’d be a great opportunity to meet people. When the day rolled around, he made sure I did my hair and makeup and threw on a dress (because otherwise, I’d be in Nikes and running shorts), and we headed up to KC. When we arrived at the “networking event” at Loose Park in Kansas City, (spoiler alert: there was no such event. He and the career counselor at his school had devised a fake invitation to ensure I wouldn’t suspect a thing), we proceeded down the steps towards the rose garden. He paused at the top, said something romantic (that I have since forgotten), and before I had time to process what was about to happen, our 2-year old dog (off-leash, I might add) came trotting around the corner with a bag around her neck and came straight to us. Jake took out the ring from her collar, and asked me to marry him. It felt like a movie, and to this day, I replay the moment in my head, wondering how I got so lucky. Before too long, Jake’s brother (who had transported our dog) and my uncle, who is a professional photographer, popped out from behind some bushes. My uncle took some beautiful photos of Jake and me while Jake’s brother dropped off our dog at a friend’s and we all reconvened at a restaurant downtown, where the surprises continued. Not only were Jake’s parents and my cousin, who are all local to the area, seated as the restaurant, but my parents and my sister and her fiancee had secretly flown all the way from California to be there to celebrate with us! All of my loved ones had been planning this amazing day for me for weeks, and I have never felt so loved nor has my heart ever been so full.

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Special Thanks

Rick Mitchell (my uncle)
 | Photographer