Sarah and Jack

How We Met

Jack and I met in college! We actually had a class together and didn’t know each other at all which is pretty crazy because we went to a very small college! After we both went Greek, the sororities and fraternities do a thing called Formal Introductions where the women are introduced to the men! When I got to Jacks house we did a thing where they pair up the guys and the girls and we just happened to get paired up! After that, we started talking and the rest is history!

How They Asked

So every year my family gets family photos taken! We always go to the same photographer and they are usually in the same field. This year we were taking pictures with a cute vintage white pickup truck! My whole family was there and the photographer told me and Jack to go sit on the bed of the truck so she can test lighting. Someone made a joke about Jack not really being part of the family so naturally, I got defensive. Little did I know it was all part of the plan! He said, “well, we can change that.” I was so confused until he walked me around to the back of the truck and tucked in the back of the field was 4 dozen roses and a sign that said: “will you marry me?”

It was the most magical moment ever! Then he surprised me and his whole family was there as well as my best friend who lives out of ton! I couldn’t be happier and it was just so amazing! I’m the luckiest girl in the world! To make it even more special, he proposed with my grandmother’s ring on my grandparent’s wedding anniversary who unfortunately passed away. He made everything so special for me and I know my grandparents would have absolutely loved him!

Special Thanks

Nancy Paperi
 | Planning