Sarah and Isaiah

How We Met

I had known Isaiah in middle school, we were in the same friends group, but I never really talked to him. I ended up going to a private high school and he went to public. I thought that was the end of our friendship until he transferred to my school the middle of sophomore year. When he transferred in of course I recognized him from middle school, but I had a boyfriend, new friends, and no time for him. Isaiah and I became friends over the next couple years; we talked and hung out here and there but never much more than that until the summer before our senior year. We were both newly out of relationships when we started talking. I thought it might be weird, but being with him was so fun. I was wondering where he had been my whole life (I was 17, but still lol). That summer I found my best friend and couple of months later I started dating him. Image 1 of Sarah and Isaiah

how they asked

Isaiah and I had been talking about getting engaged for a couple of months. I knew it was coming during winter break but I didn’t know when. I thought maybe Christmas or Christmas Eve because I love the Christmas season, but those passed and still no proposal. I knew he had to do it soon, even though he told me he didn’t even have the ring (which I didn’t believe), so I was thinking he might do it on New Years Eve. On the tuesday after Christmas he said his parents wanted to take us out to dinner before I had to go back to school, they normally did that sort of thing so I thought nothing of it, except for the fact that the reservation was for 7:30 and they normally eat no later than 5:30. I was so confused I kept asking Isaiah why they had made the reservations so late but he never really gave me a straight answer. At about six he said we should go get coffee from our favorite coffee shop as something to do instead of just waiting for dinner (this was to let my parents get to his house so they could watch him propose). We drove through the coffee stand and headed to his house to meet his parents. When we got there the door was locked. I was so annoyed. Why would they lock the door if they knew we were coming over?! He suggested we should walk around back so I followed him, still annoyed. As we walked through the gate he flipped a switch and his whole gazebo lit up with Christmas lights. It was so beautiful. As we got closer I saw that it had ornaments hanging down from the top and little boxes hanging so I could open them. There were 13 boxes that were numbered and he told me to open them. Each box had a picture of us and a part of our story. The 14th box was laying on the ground and when I got there through the tears I read what he wrote: “So here I am today, standing with you and we recall our relationship from the beginning to now. These are only the first few moments of a life time of memories. As I take a knee, with our parents watching from the playroom window, I would like to say…”. I looked up at him, he said a few words to me, said my name, then dropped to a knee. At this moment he clicked a button and the words “Will you marry me?” lit up on the fence behind him. It was the best moment of my life. And of course I said yes!!

Image 2 of Sarah and Isaiah