Sarah and Hunter

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How We Met

We met the seemingly modern way – online! Both of us had tried using a few different dating sites/apps before meeting each other on We actually matched for the first time in March 2019, more than 5 months before we went on our first date. I had recently decided to try online dating, and created my profile just a few days before we matched. Hunter messaged me a few days after I was already talking to someone else I ended up dating for a few months. We messaged a few times, but in the end, stopped messaging. It didn’t help that Hunter told me that the Wisconsin Badgers would lose in the first round of March Madness right after I told him that I had them winning the whole tournament in my bracket (I’m a loyal fan!) :) That wasn’t the real reason I stopped messaging him, but I would say it was a tiny factor-haha. The real reason was that I had progressed further in conversation with someone else, and decided to focus on that relationship.

Over the next few months both Hunter & I entered relationships with other people, but then both saw those relationships end around the same time in July 2019. By August 2019, I was back on Match and looking at profiles once again. Since it had been so long, Hunter & I had “un-matched,” so his profile came across my screen again. After looking at his profile again I realized he checked off a few of my major “boxes”, sooo I decided to “like” his profile again, and we matched for the second time on August 22, 2019. Soon after, Hunter messaged me, and we began a new conversation, and he seemingly forgave me for not messaging him back 5 months before :) We went on our first date on August 29, 2019 at Market Street Diner in downtown Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. We both knew right away that this felt “different” (in a good way) and the rest is history!

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How They Asked

From pretty early on in our relationship we began talking about the future and our desire to date with intention of marriage. These conversations all happened very naturally, and as we talked about our future goals and desires for marriage and family, everything lined up for us. After it became clear that we would start planning for our future together, I shared with Hunter which style of ring I would like, and the wait began :)

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Soon after we decided to pursue marriage together, the world got flipped upside down with COVID-19. Over the next few months, we navigated quarantine & working from home while still living 50 minutes apart from each other — something that only strengthened our relationship and brought us closer together. As soon as things started to open up a bit, and we made plans to start seeing a few family members, I suspected the engagement might happen soon, as I had told Hunter that I REALLY wanted my family to be a part of our engagement.

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A few days before we got engaged, Hunter asked me if I would want to go to Sun Prairie, WI on Sunday (June 21) to get take out from the restaurant where we had our first date, Market Street Diner. I agreed that it would be fun, and in the back of my head thought it might have something to do with getting engaged, but wasn’t sure. I was trying to see if Hunter was acting any differently, but he was acting completely normal, and not nervous at all, so I thought maybe the proposal wasn’t happening that day after all.

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As we parked and started walking towards the restaurant, Hunter said, “actually we’re going to do something else first.” My first reaction was “But, I’m hungry!” LOL :) Hunter insisted and instead led me to the park/courtyard across the street where we had sat on a bench and talked during our first date. As we turned the corner I saw my twin sister, Amanda, and Hunter’s sister, Elizabeth, with their phones and cameras, and I realized OKAY, THIS IS HAPPENING!

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Hunter brought me over to an area that Amanda had helped decorate with flowers, and said some of the most thoughtful and sweetest words ( I remember some of them, but it all happened so fast- haha), he then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course, I said YES! We hugged our sisters and I showed them my ring, and then Hunter said we were going to need to get back in the car.

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He then drove us to a nearby park where both of our families and a few of my best friends were waiting for a small surprise celebration that my sister had helped put together. We popped champagne, ate lunch, and took pictures. It was a perfect celebration and it was the best afternoon spent with those closest to us!

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