Sarah and Grant

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How We Met

Sarah and I grew up in the same church organization. We went to a lot of the same summer church camps and youth services but as I recall, we never met during these years, we just had mutual friends. It was then about six years ago that we just so happen to be at a mutual friends house for a get together and somehow or another, we were introduced to each other and the rest is happily ever after!

Here’s the crazy thing though…. as I stated, we grew up going to the same summer church camps but never met each other. My mother was a counselor and unknowingly to me, Sarah’s aunt was also a counselor who just so happened to be one of my mothers really good friends at the time. Long story short, looking back, I remember speaking to this lady who was my mothers friend during summer camps and she always told me about her niece (Sarah-Claire) was this adorable young lady and that we should meet. Well, it wasn’t long after that Sarah and I actually did meet and begin dating that I met her aunt, who was this same lady who was a counselor during our summer camps and it finally dawned on me that the Sarah-Claire who I had been dating (now my fiance) was the adorable niece that I had always been told about.

Needless to say, our story of how we met might not be really romantic but nonetheless, it is special to us!

how they asked

I bought the ring and began planning about 5 weeks in advance of when I actually proposed. Living in Jackson, TN and taking into account the cold weather we were having, it was difficult for me to choose the location of where I wanted to propose (inside or outside). Not only that, I wanted this to be a memorable and personal moment that we would remember forever, thus I wanted to dress up instead of being in casual clothes (it makes the mood more special I think). For every guy the biggest fear is for the girl he’s proposing to not to find out and the struggle was real because I knew she might catch on to anything I was doing. Long story short, her best friend and I sat down and came up with this master plan of an idea to do the proposal after church one Sunday…and boy did it work!

The entire weekend I had told Sarah that I was out of town in Nashville for a late Thanksgiving dinner and therefore I wouldn’t be in town for church Sunday. I did this because I needed to set up the gazebo during church and obviously wouldn’t have been able to had she known I was at church (probably could have come up with a different plan lol). Nevertheless, my family, her family, and our closest friends were all in on the proposal that was set to take place after church. After setting up the gazebo, making sure everyone involved knew what was taking place, it was time to execute!

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After church, my family, her family, a couple of friends, and I waited at the gazebo until Sarah and her best friend arrived.

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After this, the entire night was magical and beyond my wildest dreams and to really grasp this night, please see our video below! .

Our Video

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