Sarah and Giancarlo


How We Met

Three years ago I picked up and moved to Sicily. I was freshly graduated, newly single, and feeling young and wild and free! Taormina is your typical small Sicilian town and in no time I felt right at home. I was going to language school in the mornings and working in the evenings and morning I would walk by this shop that played excessively loud Sicilian folk music.  If you walk down Corso Umberto today you can still here it from a mile a way…It’s impossible to ignore. That’s where I first saw Giancarlo.

One night, about two months after I arrived, I was out with a girlfriend and Giancarlo and I were briefly introduced thanks to mutual friends. So the next day on my usual walk to work, instead of walking as fast as I could past that obnoxiously loud and repititous folk music that plagued my street, I made the first move and walked into the store. I complimented his tshirt with the California bear on it, he asked me to go to dinner, we ate pizza on the balcony of Ristorante Granduca, and that’s where it all began!

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Truman Capote wrote, “Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liquers in one go”.

We had spent the day visiting St. Marks Basilica and Piazza Ducale. We drank champagne in the garden of our hotel. A water taxi picked us up and we watched the sunset while exploring the inner most canals of the city. Dinner at the hotel Metropole was lush and all candlelit elegance. He set down the crutchesand we swayed to the orchestras in Piazza San Marco. When we got lost in the back alleys on the walk back to the hotel he stopped me…

On May 10th, 2016, around 11pm, I stood on this little bridge over the canal with his arms around me. The last flash card read “chiudi gli occhi, non girarti.” Close your eyes, don’t turn around. He tied a red silk scarf around my eyes and I waited. When he said so I took off the scarf and he was down on one knee! It was the same sensation as Truman Capote’s description of Venice….

In the pursuit of romance he spent four days hopping around Venice with crutches thanks to a knee injury. They were the slowest, most fairytale perfect four days of my life.


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