Sarah and Gavin

how we met

Gavin and I work together for Delta Air Lines at Detroit Metro Airport. We were coworkers for years only seeing or speaking to each other in passing before we even became friends!

how they asked

Gavin and I took a day trip to Washington DC, which is a special place for us because it was the first trip we took together when we first were becoming close friends and spending time together outside of work. It was his birthday and I was sure he was going to propose while we were there. He had made me get my nails done, picked the color for me and everything. I was waiting for it the whole day! When we were heading back to the airport and I realized he wasn’t, I was so angry! I was texting all my friends that I was wrong and he wasn’t proposing and trying to hide that I was upset. I pretended to be asleep the whole plane ride home!

Then after we landed on our way back out to the shuttle he told me to follow him over to the international arrivals area, he needed to use the restroom. I was rolling my eyes so hard, I was so annoyed he hadn’t stopped to use the restroom when we landed when I did. But as I turned the corner I saw both of our parents, siblings, some cousins and friends standing there with a sign that said “Sarah, will you marry me?” I couldn’t believe I had expected it all day and he still surprised me. Tears filled my eyes immediately, we got to our parents and his mom gave him the ring, he got down on one knee and proposed. It was perfect! He knew that it would mean a lot to me to have our families there when we got engaged and he made it happen.

Special Thanks

Washington War Memorial
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