Sarah and Gabe

How We Met

We are both from small towns outside of Charlotte, NC. When it was time to go to high school, there was a new magnet school in the county that was accepting new students. We both decide to choose this school over our home school which would be how our story began. We took different classes and had different groups of friends. But that did not stop us from becoming best friends early in high school. We knew all along we had something special, but Gabe will tell you that he was trying to get my attention by having me do his calculus homework.

Sarah's Proposal in Savannah, GA

Gabe and I were asked a million times when we would start dating in high school. We started dating shortly after high school graduation, it was going to be sooner but Gabe wanted to wait until I got back from my mission trip. We both went to different colleges but we were never far from each other and continued our relationship all through those years. Gabe went to NC State and I went to UNC, I guess you could say their house will always be divided. From there the rest is history!

How They Asked

We decide to go on a trip for our 8 year anniversary to Savannah, GA. We spent the weekend exploring, sightseeing, and eating good food. On our actual 8 year anniversary, July 1st, 2018, we would share another very special moment together. We started the day doing some more sightseeing and talked about doing something special for dinner. When I asked Gabe what he wanted to do for our anniversary dinner he said he already had plans. I tried to pry information out of Gabe, but he would not budge and kept saying it was a surprise. I gave up trying to figure out what his plans were and just asked what time dinner was, so we had enough time to get ready. Gabe told me dinner was at 7, so we had a timeline. After lunch and the last bit of sightseeing, we went back to our hotel to get ready for dinner. I asked Gabe again what time dinner was, and he said between 6:30 and 7, which I thought was weird because what reservation is a time frame? I just disregarded it and was ready for a 6:30 dinner. When leaving for dinner, we walked through Emmet park and were just reminiscing over the last 8 years together.

A lot can happen in that time, we have shared many great memories and milestones together at that time. On our walk, Gabe kept bringing up 8 years. Which I thought was weird, yeah I know we have been together 8 years. It is a long time, I get it. But these conversations were all part of the bigger picture. We continued to walk through the park in Savannah when we were approaching a corner in the park and Gabe mentioned dinner was just ahead. What I didn’t know then was that something much bigger was waiting around that same corner. As we neared the corner, Gabe said: “8 years is a long time but it is not long enough.” At that point, I saw the sign “Will you marry me Sarah?” with flowers, and I began to cry. Gabe said he had to drag me to the sign so that the hidden photographers could get some photos of the special moment. In front of the sign, Gabe got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Gabe was so lost in the moment that he didn’t even hear or remember what I said, it was obviously a YES! Following the proposal, Gabe arranged for the photographers to take proposal photos and capture the special moment followed by a dinner at Vic’s on the River.

Where to Propose in Savannah, GA

The engagement was a complete surprise, but apparently, everyone including the hotel staff knew about it. Gabe had every detail planned for this special day without me even realizing a thing. He was telling me that for the drive down to Savannah, he even hid the sign in the trunk and put our luggage in the back seat intentionally, and I didn’t even notice. When we arrived in Savannah, he also said he intentionally brought his car charger in the room while telling me he was rushed and accidentally brought it to the room. He would then use that as an excuse to put the car charger back in the car and get the proposal sign out of the trunk for the hotel staff to store. The photographer, Rick, also played a big part in making this happen! He made the proposal set up work by getting the flowers from the hotel for the proposal and setting up the sign Gabe’s mom had made. Every little detail was planned, but it was all still a complete and perfect surprise! We cannot be more excited to spend the rest of our lives together. As everyone would say, FINALLY it was about time!

Special Thanks

 | Ordered the Proposal Sign
Richard Burkhart
 | Photographer