Sarah and Francesco


How We Met

Francesco and I met just over 3 years ago. He owns his on personal training business and my best friend had trained with him for years. I had just gotten out of a 8 year relationship with whom I have to beautiful children,  Isabelle 9 and Ethan 6. I wanted to do something for me, so I started to train. I wanted to run 5 km obstacle marathons and I knew from many recommendations that he was going to be the guy to help me do it!

We had a work chemistry right from the beginning. He is an amazing trainer. Motivating and encouraging all the way, and always professional- not to mention just drop dead gorgeous.

When my package was up he straight face told me he has to fire me. Heartbroken and completely confused, he quickly followed it up with ” I can’t pretend not to like you anymore”. Needless to say, I continued to train but as his partner, instead of his client and in as little as 3 months I had completed my first 5 km obstacle run in just under 45 minutes.

how they asked

I  must admit I am bit of  workaholic. I just recently became the office manager of a brand-new dental office is Uxbridge and had been given whatever time wasn’t taken up with kids, homework, school, life to the office. He had reached out to my boss to see if she could convince me to take a day off. So after some early morning running around I got enticed to hit up the mall of a ltitle shoe shopping for our anniversary that was the day before, and who am I to turn down another pair of runners?!?!

So after my traditional stop at Starbucks for my first pumpkin spice latte of the year, we headed towards sport Chek. Hand in hand we started talking about the photo booth and how he had never taken pictures on one before. Surprised, I suggested we taken on before we leave. He asked if maybe we should start there…you know get that out of the way, unbeknowit to me he had is friend waiting for us to snap a couple of pictures after we got out. So up the escalator we went and to the photo booth.  While in there he asked how many pictures they usually take. “3…no 4!” Was my reply, first two the typical pictures and them bam! In that picture was my actual reaction.

After all the hugs and kisses came the part that he was actually worried about, asking the kids if they would be his forever family. He had gotten my daughter a gold ring with hearts and my son a Nintendo toy, got down on one knee in the parking at school when we picked them up. Overjoyed and excited they both also said yes!