Sarah and Edward

How We Met

My friend invited me to a house party her softball team was having. I was reluctant to go but something told me I had this nudging feeling that I couldn’t miss this party. My friend and I headed to the bar to order a drink. I ordered a vodka and club soda. As we were waiting, my friend’s softball teammates came to say hello. He also brought a friend, who like me, didn’t know anyone at this party. We made introductions… Him: “What’s your name?” Me: “Sarah” Him: “With an ‘H?'” Me: “Of course. Only the right way to spell it.” Me: “What’s your name?” Him: “Eddie. It’s nice to meet you.” My friend and I got our drinks and I took a sip. It was vodka and coke. I politely asked the bartender if he could make the drink again. Each time, I got a new rendition. (Fast forward Eddie confesses he kept telling the bartender to change my drink to get me riled up!) As the party went on, my friend and I danced a bit and then I decided I’d head outside. I wanted fresh air, and also I saw the fun crowd head out there earlier and I was in need of a good laugh. And did they deliver! Eddie was sitting on the couch across from me. As the evening went on, I noticed he moved from the couch to the chair next to that and made his way around until he got to sit right next to me. We made each other laugh as we covered the important topics – from work to family to hobbies. I was wearing a bracelet with a tiny little prince charming frog on it and Eddie took my arm and asked me “Is that an osito?” At this point, there is an actual spark that fires in my brain and tells me that not only is he extremely cute, but he also has a Cuban background like me! (I later learned that his father is American and his mother is Cuban. Both of my parents immigrated from Cuba in the 1980s.) It was getting late and I had an early brunch plan with a few friends so I told him I was heading out. He asked me for my number and he saved my name in his phone as ‘Sarah with an H.’ As I left the party, I still remember looking back and seeing his smile.

How They Asked

The morning of my birthday he surprised me with a delicious brunch at a new Cuban diner in Coconut Grove. Afterward, we took a stroll across the street and happened upon a beautiful historic park called The Barnacle. It’s a historic park with so much history and I remember thinking, ‘How have I never heard of this gorgeous place and I’ve lived here my entire life?’ We walked along a shaded path full of trees. It felt like the park was all ours as we were taking it all in. We made our way towards a house on the property and sat on the rocking chairs outside for a bit, just enjoying the peacefulness of it all. Little did I know that in a few minutes, my life would be changed forever.

He took me by the hand and we headed towards the back where the grass meets the ocean. I noticed a dance floor and said something like ‘Maybe we’ll get married here someday’ (wink wink!) We got to the edge of the water. The scenery was just perfect, the water was still and a sailboat named ‘Egret’ was anchored just a few feet away. All of a sudden he said ‘Do you see the dolphins out there?’ So naturally, I focus all of my attention on the water, squinting my eyes in an effort to see one jump out of the water. I hear him say ‘I don’t know if we’ll get married here, but we’ll get engaged here.’ As I turned around, I realized he was down on one knee and was holding out a ring box. He said the sweetest words and asked, “Will you marry me?” My response? “Of course!” After we called all of our family, we headed to the nearby Mayfair hotel to celebrate with a champagne toast. Every day since I’ve known him have been the happiest days of my life – and the best are yet to come.