Sarah and Dustin

How We Met

We met after Thanksgiving in 2015. Well, we both swiped right. Through Facebook creeping, I found that we had a mutual friend- one of my sorority sisters was dating his (Dustin’s) then-roommate. We went on our first date and after dinner, we ended up going to play arcade games. He beat me in every single game- didn’t let me win once. But he made me laugh- and not a fake laugh, real and happy.

He drove to Cincinnati a couple of times and on February 7th I was coming home from Wisconsin with my parents after visiting my sister. He asked me if I wanted to come over and come to the Super Bowl party that he and his roommates were having. Monday I was off so I drove the hour to Dayton. I met all of his (drunk) friends who couldn’t stop talking about how great he is and that it was nice to finally meet the girl that he couldn’t stop talking about.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Dayton, OH

Fast forward about a month and we went out with friends to a hockey game. Dustin was at that time active duty with the Air Force. My friend’s husband asked him about his service. He mentioned he was being deployed in 4 months- which was news to me. We talked about it later and he gave me the out – no obligation to him while he was deployed but coming home we could re-evaluate. I said no- because I knew he was the person that I had been searching for.

He came home in January 2017 and we just continued to learn and grow. That deployment could have broken us- but it made our relationship truly stronger.

How They Asked

Since this year was the first year we lived together, I wanted to send Christmas cards out. I coordinated with one of my closest friends and her husband to meet us at a park in November and take some pictures for our cards. Little did I know that in October he had pulled the trigger and bought the ring. He drove to Cincinnati after work and asked my parents for permission. He also talked to my friend and came up with a secret code when he was ready.

That day Ohio State was playing Penn State in football. OSU wasn’t doing too well and I could tell he was upset. But he was realllly nervous and looking back we laugh at the pictures because he is very stiff.

Sarah and Dustin's Engagement in Dayton, OH

We were taking pictures at the last place I wanted some and he gave the sign. At the time we were posing with a blanket of mine that’s white. Did I mention it was POURING rain at this time? I was so distracted by my blanket and our dog I didn’t realize that he got a box out and was getting down on one knee.

My first reaction was “Are you serious? What is happening?!” (the week before he teased me that he was going to fake propose before he actually did). He also surprised me and had both our parents there so they could see the proposal. And he even custom designed my ring !