Sarah and Dulaney

How We Met

Sarah: “We met on my first day of college in August of 2012. We met in the cafeteria. I was a freshman and Dulaney was a Senior. He was having lunch with the one of the few people I had already become friends with so I asked to join them. Then several of their other friends joined and I learned that, coincidentally, my roommate’s brother was part of their friend group. So, my roommate and I started eating every meal with them for the entire year.”

How They Asked

Sarah: “Dulaney proposed to me at our home. He prepared a charcuterie plate with wine and decorated our back porch with string lights. We had gone to a pottery class the week before so he picked up the finished products and put the ring box inside the packaging of the mug he made for me. Everything was beautiful but not flashy. A very relaxed atmosphere for just the two of us. He came to my side of the table, got on one knee and said, “I love you. Will you marry me?” ”



Special Thanks

Charleston Photo Art LLC
 | Photography
Charles and Colvard
 | Ring Designer