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How We Met: Doug and I met through our friends about four years ago while I was visiting LA from South Korea. Long story short about me, I grew up in LA, and while I had all my friends there, our family had decided to move to Korea permanently. I had to visit LA at least once a year because I couldn’t stand the change. During one of my visits in LA, one of my best friends from high school wanted to introduce me to her boyfriend’s close friend. The four of us decided to meet at this fancy shmancy, high-end restaurant in Hollywood. So my girlfriend and I dressed up from head to to toe thinking this meeting would be a very serious, sophisticated one, until the moment I stepped into the restaurant.

My friend and I walked into the restaurant oh-so-graciously……….tripping down the stairs, falling on my knee, while everyone gasped in a surprise. Of course, with a loud BOOM! And yes, Doug was 3 feet away from where I fell. Well, that was an icebreaker for all of us. The four of us got along from then on, still talking about the moment I ‘Fell for Doug’ on our first date.

We were in a long-distance relationship for 2 1/2 years, until I decided to move back to LA in early 2014. We never had the chance to share so much time together since we were always so far away, and when I visited, it was never enough time to express freely how much we loved each other. Till this day, we cherish and appreciate every spare of time we have…

how they asked: To me, Hawaii is my childhood memory. I grew up walking bear-footed, sunburned with freckles, eating lihing-everything, living the island life. So I call it a second home. For Doug, it is his childhood dream. He has never been there, but heard so much about the beauty of the islands. We always talked about how we will visit there with our families later on in the future. One day this year in March, Doug and I decided to take a vacation somewhere since we never flew in a plane ‘together’. At first he was joking around, saying “We should just go on a pre-honeymoon to Hawaii. Which Island should we go? Oahu or Maui?”.

Joking back, I replied “Maui, of course. I’ve only been to Oahu.” Wow, he does know how to surprise me with his spontaneous decision, or was it all part of a plan? We flew to Maui on May 22, on a Saturday. Spent our first day in Wailea, enjoying the sun, food, breeze, the scenery. On Sunday, Doug told me to dress up and look nice because we are going to a really fancy restaurant. I knew something was off about the way he was acting that day, because he was on his phone all, nervous and distracted when I tried to talk to him. He even told me to drive to the restaurant so he can navigate me to where we are going. A mile after we drove from the hotel, Doug tells me to pull over because he wanted to show me a beautiful scene in Maui, saying we should take couple pictures there. I found it a little odd, because the moment I stepped in to this place called the Secret Cove, there were violent waves crashing into the shore. And I didn’t want to get my dress and shoes all sandy and wet.

But as soon as I walked into this cove, I was taken away by the beauty of what I was seeing in front of me. The colors of the sky and the waters were elegant yet vivid. I’ve never seen such a beautiful sight. All of a sudden Doug hands me a bottle with a letter inside it. Yes, a message in a bottle. I was in awe of the touching words he had written out on that paper, so beautiful and moving. As soon as I read the last part, “P.S. Will you marry me…” He fell on his knees as I fell for him, and I said “Yes”.

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Photos by Engaged on Maui