Sarah and DJ

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Lake Eola, Downtown Orlando Florida

How We Met

DJ and I met at LA fitness in Orlando about 3.5 years ago. We had been seeing each other for awhile in the gym, but both of us were too shy to start a conversation. We would just wave hello and bye when we saw each other. One day I brought my sister to the gym with me, and I had already told her about “this guy at the gym.” She ended up being the one to start a conversation, we asked him to come hang out with us one night. We met at dinner, and it was happily ever after from there.

how they asked

Our first date/day we spent together was at Lake Eola, we fell in love with the farmers market there and it always had a special place in our hearts. We lived in Fort Myers for a short while and had recently moved back to Orlando. He wanted to celebrate us moving back to Orlando and getting moved in to our place. He told me he booked brunch on Lake Eola at a restaurant overlooking the lake, because we had plans to go see a play that night. When we parked, we were early for the reservation, so we decided to walk around the lake for a little before brunch. When we got to this inlet on the Lake, he started talking to me and said things like how we always imagined getting married here. Then he said but first I’d have to propose, he then got down on one knee.

Proposal Ideas Lake Eola, Downtown Orlando Florida

I was so excited and happy, I could feel all of these emotions running through my veins at once. I started crying and was speechless, until I could catch my breath and say YES! The setting, timing, how he did it could not have been more perfect.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Lake Eola, Downtown Orlando Florida

As if the actual proposal wasn’t enough, he hired a photographer who was hidden to capture it all and take engagement pictures for an hour afterwards.

After our emotional, memorable photo session. We were late to our brunch reservation, but I insisted on needing to call my family to tell them. He suggested we’ll facetime them as soon as we sit down at brunch.

I walked in the restaurant and was led to our table to find out it was in a back room. As soon as we walked into this room all mine and his family was there to surprise us for our big day. I I still hadn’t even caught my breath or thoughts from proposal, it was such an emotional, exciting and perfect day. It really did feel like a fairy tale. His entire family from Ohio flew down and all my family was there for our special day. He knew I would have loved to have every one together to celebrate, and he organized it all without me finding out. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world, and cannot wait to marry him.

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