Sarah and Dillan

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How We Met

Dillan and I met in high school- he was dating other people at the time but we kept in contact for a bit, even after I graduated since I’m older than him. After I graduated high school we went on to date other people and eventually lost all contact. It wasn’t till I started my new job as an Emergency Medical Technician that we rekindled our friendship. He actually volunteered at the same place I was working! We became close friends again and then realized we were meant to be together!

how they asked

In May of this year Dillan surprised me with a trip to Disney that was going to take place right before Christmas! Both of us had never been, and I have been a Disney fan my whole life! On day 3 of our trip, we visited magic kingdom- which in an hour after our arrival we were to meet my favorite Princess, Rapunzel. We waited in line, and finally it was our turn. I got to meet Rapunzel and we were taking pictures. Dillan turns and says I need one more picture, and drops to one knee and proposes to me- in my favorite place and with my favorite princess. Everyone in the room erupted into applause and Rapunzel jumped back in for a hug and a few quick pictures!

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