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Dilan and I had been dating for a year and if you know him he’s not always the most romantic kind of guy. Our anniversary was coming up and we had planned to go for dinner. A few weeks before our anniversary Dilan mentioned to me that his childhood friend just opened a photography studio and she was looking for couples to add to her portfolio. Weird I know. But I fell for it. He planned to have our pictures taken which I questioned him about because like I said romance was typically not his thing. So we walked around downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire where we live and took photos. It was a gloomy day and the rain/ snow held out. I’ve always loved my hometown but until that day I saw it in a new light. Well we had planned to go to dinner as Massimos which is where we had our first date. Hannah our photographer was taking a photo of us under the sign and all of a sudden he was on one knee.

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I don’t even know what he said besides I love you. To this day that was the best moment of my life and he pulled off one hell of a surprise. After dinner we went to meet our best friends for a celebratory drink but when we walked in both of our families were there and all of our friends. It is a night I will always remember.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Portsmouth, NH

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