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How We Met

I had just recently uprooted my life in Connecticut and moved to Florida to be with my parents after three years of living apart. The move was slightly sudden, and also very unexpected. I had only been living in Florida for about four weeks when I had made the vast decision to fly up to Connecticut to pack up the rest of my belongings from the place I was previously living. I had a feeling this would be my last visit up north for quite some time, so I intended on making the best of it. I had planned to say goodbye to my friends, family, and also the small quaint town of Cheshire Connecticut I had grown up in.

Little did I know my short trip up north would change my life.

It was a Friday night, and I had only a few days left to visit everyone. I knew there was no chance I was leaving without saying goodbye to my best friend, Jayme .I had received a text message from her asking if I’d like to go to the casino with her and her boyfriend, Colby. After contemplating for quite a bit, I had made the decision to respectfully decline the invite. With me being my anti- third wheeling self at the time, I explained to her how third wheeling wasn’t exactly appealing to me in that very moment . An hour or two had passed and she thought she had come up with a solution. Jayme had informed me that her boyfriend Colby had invited one of his lacrosse teammates to go to the casino as well. At this point it was a definite no, I told her I wasn’t going to fall for the whole blind date game they were both trying to pull off. After her and I went back and forth for a while I had no intentions on going, and that was final. I later came to find out the three of them still ended up going, and apparently they had a great time.

Saturday late afternoon had rolled around; as the days I had left up north started to dwindle away I knew I didn’t have much time to see my friend Jayme. I had texted her her to see what her plans were for that night. She had responded asking if I wanted to join them at the casino. At this point I thought she was being a wise ass because I had blown them off the previous night, but I was wrong. She was being serious about them going a second night in a row. Apparently Colby’s teammate had an infinite love for game of Black Jack, and Cobly and Jayme just enjoyed going considering there isn’t much to do in Connecticut. I knew if I had said no a second time around I would feel extremely guilty. I pulled myself together, picked out what I thought was somewhat of a decent outfit, and headed to Springfield Massachusetts where the three of them attended college.

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When I arrived to Jayme and Colby’s house I waited on the couch while they were getting ready, they informed me that Colby’s friend was on his way. After just a few short minutes of me being there I had heard a faint knock on the door, I had looked over to see Colby’s friend walking through the door. As he started to approach me I couldn’t help but think to myself how I had never been in the presence of someone so tall in my life. As he put out his hand to introduce himself we had made eye contact with one another. While looking into his bright blue eyes I felt my cheeks start to go up in flames, and I couldn’t resist smiling ear to ear even if had tried my hardest. I certainly was not looking for a guy at the time, but for some reason his dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, and smile captivated me.

After the quick introductions, smiles, and my awkwardness we all got in the car and headed to Mohegan Sun Casino. During the whole hour and a half car ride I kept whispering to Jayme how cute I thought he was and what not, you know the usual girl talk. She had looked at me with this disheartening look and told me not to get my hopes up, and that he was not a relationship type of person in any way shape or form. Although I didn’t have any intentions on being in a relationship, and the fact that I technically lived in Florida now, I still felt a sense of discouragement.

Long story short we had all arrived to the casino. Him and I began to talk and started to get to know one another, I really was fascinated with the person he was, and also his personality; he made it known his feelings were mutual towards me as well.That night we had gotten back from the casino I ended up staying at Jayme and Colby’s, it ended up being really late.Before the “gambler” had left their house he had asked me for my phone number, I had given it to him even though I knew it was pointless. Jayme had told me not to hold my breath waiting for a text from him, and that I probably wouldn’t hear from him.

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The next morning I woke up to find a wise, but yet funny text message from him. We had texted back and forth for a while, and he had asked me if had plans that day.I told him I was still at Colby’s and Jayme’s house, and he was more than welcome to come over and hangout if he wanted to. Sure enough a short while later walks in the 6’5″ gambler. Colby and Jayme were both shocked to find out he was coming around again. When he walked in I felt such a sense of happiness come over me, I hadn’t felt that in so long, or maybe even ever. Shortly after his arrival I let him know I was visiting from Florida for a few days and that this would probably be the last time I would see him. I didn’t tell him while we were at the casino,I didn’t want to put a damper on things.

He understood, but yet seemed very frazzled by the news. We carried out the rest of the day by watching the titanic, talking, and making each other laugh. I found myself starting to get lost in him, and it was the lost that’s exactly like being found. Night fall came and it was time for him to head home. As we hugged before he left I felt like I was saying goodbye to someone I had known for years, I felt like I was saying goodbye to someone I shouldn’t be letting go. It was very obvious that he was having trouble leaving and saying goodbye as well .As I waved goodbye in the door way I watched his headlights fade while he drove away, I felt this sense of emptiness. I thought I was crazy for feeling this way about someone I had only known for two days, but it just felt right.

I decided to stay one more night at Colby and Jayme’s house due to the fact I was in some weird type of depression. While laying in bed that night I let my thoughts about him consume me, I couldn’t stop thinking about him, he became the only thing on my mind and I wasn’t opposed to it. I didn’t hear from him after he left, I didn’t expect to considering I told him it was the last time I would be seeing him. I woke up that morning with a text from him asking me when my last day in Connecticut was. While I sat there staring at his text message, I had so many thoughts and emotions come over me all at once. In that few minutes I had made the craziest most rash decision in my life,and I wasn’t going back on it. I responded to his text with the biggest grin on my face “There is no last day, I think I’m going to stay.”

Yes, I did end up staying for a guy I had only known for two days. I found my own apartment in Springfield Massachusetts and I stayed. I told my parents the news and their reaction was as expected. Needless to say they were not happy with me.. At all… They were also not happy with the fact they had to ship all my things up north after I had just moved everything down there. I cancelled my flight and everything, and I couldn’t have been happier with my decision. It just felt right to me, and that’s all that mattered. After sending the text to Devin, he showed up at Jayme and Colby’s shortly after. We hugged one another tightly, and exchanged no words.It was one of those hugs that simply said a million things without having to speak any words at all.

Till this day he always tells me how he will be forever grateful for that crazy decision I made to stay. I still continue to say how I would do it all over again. Every family member, and friend of mine thinks I was crazy, but something told me to stay, and thank god I listened. Two and a half years later and we both now happily reside together in our own place in Florida, and couldn’t be happier.

how they asked

We both hadn’t had a day off together in almost a month, it was definitely challenging our relationship. With me working in a emergency room, and him being a mail man neither of our schedules were in tune with one another. I knew coming into the moth of December that Devin would be working ridiculously long shifts, and that we most likely wouldn’t be having a day off together any time soon.

With my schedule I always have Fridays off, and he never does, so Friday morning when I woke up I was surprised to find him home still. He had informed me that he wasn’t on the schedule for the day and that the chances of him getting called in were slim. With me being in shock over the fact that we had the day off I kept going on and on about a bunch of things we could do together. Unfortunately he didn’t really seem interested in anything I suggested, so I just gave up and came to the conclusion he probably just wanted to hang at home for the day. He could tell I was annoyed that he didn’t want to spend the day doing anything.

It was about ten thirty in the morning when he came running into the bedroom announcing he had “just bought” tickets to Magic Kingdom. At first I got upset with him because I thought he was messing with me, I kept telling him he wasn’t funny. He laughed and quickly let me glance at the Disney email conformation. He then proceeded to tell me to pack a bag because he had also booked a hotel room. We both were so excited to go, we are both kind of Disney fanatics. So we packed our bags and headed to Orlando.

Upon our arrival to Orlando we checked into our hotel, we then took the shuttle bus over to Disney. During the ride I was so talkative and excited, I had always talked about seeing Magic Kingdom decorated for Christmas. Devin on the other hand barely spoke two words to me the whole time, (little did I know how nervous he was due to the fact that he was about to get down on one knee in front of hundreds of people). As we walked into the park he started to perk up a little, I mean how can you not? Its Disney World! While we were walking down Main Street towards the castle he put his arm around me and kept making it so I couldn’t turn around and look behind me, it was almost as if he didn’t want me to see who was walking behind us…

As we approached the Walt Disney statue in front of the castle he had asked if I wanted to have one of the Disney photographers take our picture; as we do every time we go. Of course I agreed and went to go stand in position. While I walked towards the spot I planned on standing for the picture I watched him whisper something to the photographer. When he walked over to me I went to do our usual picture pose, and instead he grabbed my hands and started telling me how much he loved it, as soon as I caught on to what was taking place I started to burst out into tears. He has said a bunch of other things while on his knee, but I was so caught up in the moment I don’t remember.

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As I glance over towards the photographer I see my parents standing there cheering and taking pictures. It had now made sense to me why he kept me from looking around while we walked down Main Street, he didn’t want me to see my parents! It was truly the most magical moment.

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He then later on surprised me with the news that he had made dinner reservations for the Be Our Guest restaurant. My proposal day was more than I could’ve ever dreamed of. I truly had my own fairy tale proposal.

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