Sarah and David

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How We Met

David and I met our freshmen year of College at Southeastern Louisiana University in 2010. We had two classes together our freshmen year, Southeastern 101 which was a basic intro class to our college and math 92, which is remedial math. LOL. It was a short time after that, that we ran into each other in the gym. My best friend, Kayleigh and I were playing basketball on one side and he was playing basketball with his friends on the other side. Well his ball rolled onto our court (he clearly didn’t have any ball control), Kayleigh picks up his ball and throws it to him a pretty far distance away. Well, the next day in class Kayleigh and I were standing outside of the class we were about to go in and David walks up to us and says, “I have a bone to pick with yall.” Kayleigh and I both look at each other laugh and say, “Oh really? What about?” He asks, “Why did you have to throw that ball so hard at me when my ball rolled onto your court in the gym?” I honestly don’t remember what we replied back with but that was the start of our friendship.

Soon it was me, Kayleigh, David and Logan who were inseparable As I said above, David and I also had math class together. Well in math class we sat by each other and we were constantly cutting up and our professor had to continuously tell us to be quiet. One day she even made us sit on opposite sides of the room and then she would catch us texting each other. Eventually, she figured there was no stopping us. David eventually asks me on a date. We went on our first day to an Italian restaurant in Hammond and then he took me to get coffee and we walked around the Hammond park. We continued to hang out for several weeks but the timing just wasn’t right. We started to go our separate ways and eventually about 2 1/2 years had passed before we started talking again.

We both changed so much in that amount of time. I moved to Iowa to be closer to family. Shortly after moving to Iowa, my dad had a massive heart attack. Side note, before my dad had his heart attack, I was very very homesick. Well, one of the first people I thought to contact was David. I called David crying my eyes out telling him the story about my dad. I called him at about 9 P.M. and he talked to me the entire night via phone and text until about 5 A.M. the next morning. He comforted me and kept my mind off of it. This is when our relationship began to rekindle. I continued to live in Iowa for about 6-9 more month FaceTiming him almost every night and talking to him every day.

Soon after I moved back to Louisiana and David and I started to hang out. It was about a month after moving back home that David and I started dating (May 6th to be exact). David asked me to be his girlfriend on the Lakefront in Mandeville. He asked me, “So, what would you say if I asked you to be my girlfriend?” I awkwardly said, “Yes.” Then he says, “Okay, well will you be my girlfriend?” Of course I said yes. We laughed it off and still laugh about it to this day about how they asked me to be his girlfriend.

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These are the only pictures I could find of me and David our freshmen year of College.

how they asked

About a week before the proposal I asked David to play in a co-ed beach volleyball tournament with me on Saturday. He accepted, as he usually does. I was so excited about playing together because it had been awhile since we have had the chance to play together. A couple of days later one of my High School girlfriends, Paige sent in our group message that she was having a rough week and did anyone want to grab drinks and dinner Saturday? As I was laying in bed David asks, “Why is your phone going off so much?” I told him how everyone is planning to get together for dinner Saturday. He says, “You should go because my friends wanted me to go frogging that night too.” I told him, “No, I am playing in that volleyball tournament. If you don’t want to play then I am going to play with another guy.” He left it at that and didn’t say anything else.

Well then in the next couple of days, my other best friend Monique texts in the group, I’m coming in town for dinner I miss yall and school hasn’t fully got started yet. Well, now that she is in dental school 10 hours away I knew that my chances of seeing her were about to be slim with school getting started so I told David I wasn’t going to play volleyball because Moe was making dinner and I couldn’t miss an opportunity to see her. Well that Friday I slept at her house and the next day me and a couple of girlfriends went shopping and to lunch. Everyone wanted to get an outfit because we haven’t all been together in so long and we would be taking so many pictures. (Totally normal, a bunch of girls getting together=tons of pictures.)

Well after spending the day shopping and only liking one outfit that I tried on, a pink romper, I didn’t buy anything. I fell in love with this romper and my friends insisted that it was “too short” totally normally being that I’m so tall. (Later I found out David asked them to steer me away from rompers because of the pictures.) We all go to my friend Paige’s to get ready and I tried on one of her royal blue dresses which I decided to wear. (While getting ready, I told my friends yall are being really complimentary of me today.) LOL!

Little did I know I was about to be engaged and they were making me look and feel very pretty! We had dinner reservations at 7:45 on the Mandeville Lakefront. Our plan was to meet all of our other friends at a bar on the Lakefront called the Barley Oak at 7:00. Oddly we were early to the Barley Oak. My friends and I start to walk up and my friend Kayleigh says, “Sarah, is that David?” I didn’t even turn around to look where she pointed I just replied with, “No he is frogging with his friends.” Then she says again, “No Sarah I think thats David.” Well my heart dropped and I turned around and there he was waving his hand. I immediately started crying asking my friends, “Whats going on?!”

They walked me about half way to him and then I met him on the sea wall of the Lakefront.

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Still crying, David tells me how much he loves me and how wants to spend the rest of his life with me. He told me how he felt like just the other day he was on the Lakefront asking me to be his girlfriend but today he wanted to ask me if I would be his wife?

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I, of course, said “YES!”

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He got down on one knee and then asked, “Will you marry me?” I said, “Yes!” (Crying my eyes out.)

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Then I hear a bunch of cheering and clapping and turn around and our friends and family are on the second story of the Barley Oak.

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One of our best friends, Blaine captured our engagement for us!

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Special Thanks

Blaine McGowan
 | Photography