Sarah and Daniel

Where to Propose in Our apartment

How We Met

It all started 3 years ago when we caught each others eye in college. We were in different programs, making nervous eye contact trying to figure out a way to talk to one another. Once we started talking the rest was history!

How They Asked

It was my birthday and I knew he had a surprise for me. He sent me off to have brunch with my friends, my sister took me to get my nails done and then I got the report that he was ready to pick me up. We went out for an amazing dinner (for my birthday), laughed, and drank sangria. Then we headed home cause he wanted to give me my gift. He asked that I wait in the car for a minute and he would come and get me. Shortly after, he ran out and took my hand to bring me inside blindfolded, all I heard was music. When he let me open my eyes, there were balloons EVERYWHERE, each with a small paper hanging from it. There were candles, and flowers and wine for the two of us.

He asked me to sit down, poured me a glass of wine and said let’s begin the game! One by one he brought over the balloons. Every balloon had a beautiful memory of us written on it. The first time he knew he loved me, funny moments, and embarrassing ones too. We reminisced as we put all of the pieces of our story into a time capsule he got me. For the last balloon, he brought it over to me. I opened the note and the memory read the day I asked you to marry me. SWOON! He got down on one knee as my eyes welled up with tears. It was the most wonderful moment in my entire life. I said yes!