Sarah and D.J.

How We Met

D.J. and I met when he was a senior in high school and I was a freshman in college. I was a diver in high school and had continued to dive in college so I came back to practice with my high school coach during Thanksgiving break. D.J. was an amazing snowboarder and his friends finally convinced him to join the diving team (it takes a lot of body control to be a diver, similar to snowboarding) so he was there practicing when I stopped by. He was dating someone else at the time so I didn’t think that anything would come of it but I remember thinking about how cute he was!

When I came back for Christmas break their season was still going and my high school coach asked if I could coach the divers while he was away on a training trip with his college team for a few weeks. I had coached the boys for a few years while he was away so I agreed to do it again. So I was D.J.’s coach for about two weeks (and this time he was single) and we just hit it off from the start. We starting hanging out outside of the pool and started dating soon after!

how they asked

D.J. and I wanted to go on a weekend trip to celebrate our 3 year anniversary and decided on Niagara Falls on the Canadian side. We booked a beautiful hotel room overlooking the falls and we went to dinner at one of the restaurants in our hotel that also overlooked the falls. We sat at a table next to a wall made of windows and had a great dinner together laughing and talking about all of the memories that we have from the last three years. As we finished dinner we started talking about our game plan for after we were done with dinner. He suggested going to the ferris wheel a few blocks up and then down to the falls and then we could go somewhere for drinks but I figured it would be easier to go to the falls first so that’s what we decided on.

As we walked down to the falls after dinner, I noticed D.J. was starting to get a little twitchy and I figured it was just because it was so cold outside. When we got to the bridge overlooking the falls I started to take some pictures and D.J. suggested asking the family standing near us to take our picture. They took a few pictures of us and as the lady started to hand back my phone, he asked if she would take one more picture. So he turns to me and asks, “you know I love you right?” and I answered yes…(I was very confused at this point) and then he said, “and you know I want to spend the rest of my life with you right?”, then he started reaching into his coat pocket as he started to go down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I was totally speechless but finally managed to get a yes out!

The family taking our picture was so excited that they were able to help us capture this amazing moment and congratulated us before we started walking back to the hotel. I was still in shock and smiling from ear to ear! When we got back to the room D.J. opened the door and I saw a beautiful basket sitting on the coffee table inside. Our moms had spent the night before we left together making this beautiful basket full of chocolates, candies, glasses for champagne, cards of congratulations and a book with wonderful quotes about love. I was absolutely amazed that our families were so thoughtful. We spent the rest of the night calling our friends and family to tell them the news and went out on the town to celebrate together after everyone knew!

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