Sarah and Curtis

How We Met

I was working at a gym, and one night Curt left and then came back because he left his phone in the locker room (supposedly). When he was walking back out again, he asked what I was doing that night and gave me his phone number. I had a boyfriend at the time, so I didn’t call him. I didn’t talk to him again for a few months until I ran into him at the gym again a few months later. He finally wore me down by making a bet that I wouldn’t text him, so I did, and then we started talking regularly.

how they asked

Curt had been telling me for weeks that he had a business trip in Dallas, and his boss put us up in a really nice hotel there. So on Friday night after work, we drove into Dallas and checked into the hotel (which was awesome). Curt told me that his coworkers weren’t getting in until late that night, so we just hung out at the bar for a while. All the while, our family and friends were randomly texting me exactly what they were doing that night. Not that I minded, but it did strike me as strange.

The next day, we went to the arboretum, which he had told me his friend told us we just HAD to go to. I was admiring all the flowers and gardens, and halfway joking (hinting) that it would be a beautiful place to get engaged, when all of a sudden he stopped me and started telling me how much he loves me. I was still oblivious to what was going on when he got down on one knee and pulled out the most beautiful ring, and asked me to be his forever. I don’t even know if I officially said yes, I just started crying and nodding (I think). He put the ring on my finger, and all of a sudden I heard screaming. A lot of screaming. When I turned around I saw my mom, dad, brother, two best friends from college, best friend from elementary school, and his mom, dad, brother and sister in law are running out from behind bushes screaming! He had flown them in from New York, Chicago, Colorado, and Missouri to be there. I have absolutely no idea how he got everyone to come in and keep it a secret, but it was the most perfect proposal and the best weekend of my entire life.

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