Sarah and Corey

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Corey and I met in college. I’m from Ohio and he’s from Kentucky. I was swooned from the first conversation we had together… I mean how could I not be with that perfect southern accent?? We quickly learned we had much in common, even though it seemed like we were from two different worlds. We were pretty much inseparable from the first time we met, constantly hanging out as “friends,” staying in touch over the college summers while we were both at home, re-connecting when school started and so on. We’re not even sure when we “officially” started dating because it seemed like we always were. Our two other couples friends used to joke that we would be the first to get married, even though we had been dating the shortest amount of time compared to them. It turned out both other couples were engaged before we were- jokes on them.

Last November, my two best girl friends (both engaged) and I made plans to go to Talon Winery- I had been waiting for ever to visit this Winery as I was constantly begged Corey to take me. I was sad that my first trip to Talon wouldn’t be with Corey as we had always talked about it together. I thought nothing out of ordinary with this invite, I really thought I was just going to be asked to be a bridesmaid from one of the friends. We made plans to meet up and drive together. Everything seemed so normal. We chatted about their wedding planning, what each had been doing since the last time we hung out and how excited we all were to finally get to see each other. Little did I know, they both were on the other end of Corey’s BIG surprise.

We pulled up to Talon, got a table and ordered some wine. We continued to chat when all of a sudden we found ourselves in a disagreement about who played in Snow Dogs the movie- oh the exciting conversations we have. Naturally, being the big movie buff that I am, I had to pull out my phone to prove my point (I was right- it was Cuba Gooding Jr.). When I took my phone out, I realized I had been tagged in a Facebook post from Corey. This was odd because he hardly ever uses social media. I opened my phone and clicked on the notification. It then took me to this video, clearly made by Corey. I quickly, and nervously, put my phone down and began to investigate my friends.

“What is this? What is happening?? I can’t watch this..” etc. I was so nervous to watch the dang video because I had a hunch about what was to happen. I finally picked the phone back up and began watching the video and instantly fell apart. Corey had captured our whole relationship through photos while, in that perfect southern accent of his, told our beautiful love story. I was swooning all over again. Little did I know, more and more people were filling in, in the room behind me.

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When the video finally came to an end, I turned around to not only find Corey, but my whole family and a few more friends standing behind me watching me fall to pieces. Corey gave his speech then got down on one knee. I cried harder than I ever had as he placed the most perfect ring on my finger.

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