Sarah and Conner


How We Met

In fifth grade, I walked into a new school and saw a familiar face- the boy I had seen in Sunday school and church. We instantly became friends. I remember standing next to that boy every following Sunday in the prayer circle, just so I got to hold his hand. When middle school rolled around, our relationship just got stronger. He became my date to everything- movies, homecoming dances, and even sat by me at lunch. When we both got cell phones, we would talk every night until our moms made up get off the phone. We could talk about everything under the sun. When high school rolled around, things got kind of rocky. Freshman year, we were both involved in different things and we grew apart. I realized in the 10th grade how much I missed him. I prayed every night that I would somehow end up with this boy even though I had told him Freshman year that I didn’t think we should be more than friends. Summer before my junior year of highschool, my prayers were answered. We started to do everything together. He quickly became my best friend again and the greatest boyfriend I could have ever asked for. I graduated highschool and went and lived my dream at the Univeristy of Alabama. I wanted so bad for him to follow me there but he didn’t. He made another decision. He chose the Air Force Academy and followed his dream (a dream he had told me about in the 6th grade). Instead of turning my back on him, I supported him. Long distance is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, but getting to spend forever with him makes it all worth it. In every circumstance, God teaches us something. Ive learned patience, trust, and the fact that nothing worthwhile is easy.

how they asked

A long distance, military relationship is no easy journey, but this surprise proposal made it all worth it. He goes to the United States Air Force Academy and I go to the University of Alabama. He flew over 1200 miles to get down on one knee, give me the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen, and ask me to spend forever with him. He traveled from Colorado Springs, CO to Tuscaloosa, AL and I had no idea he was in town. That night, my friends wanted to go to dinner one last time before everyone went home for break. Right before we left for dinner, his mom called me in a panic because she had left her phone at our church and they were going to lock the doors soon. My house is very close to the church, so she asked me to run over there and grab it before the doors were locked. When I got there, I found a vase with five red roses, one white rose, and a envelope with my name on it in his handwriting. Very confused and emotional, I opened the envelope to find a letter. The letter explained the importance of our church to us and all the memories we have and will share there. It also explained how the five red roses represented our five years of dating and the white rose signaled a new chapter in our life, “one full of adventure and new places, love and joy, and one full of happiness.” Crying, I put the letter down. I then heard footsteps and out walked the man of my dreams. I was OVERWHELMED with emotions because he wasn’t even supposed to be in town. He got down on one knee and asked me to spend forever with him and of course I said yes!


We went to his house afterwards and celebrated with family and friends. Everything was perfect. An actual dream come true.