Sarah and Colton

Sarah and Colton's Engagement in New York City, NY

How We Met

Colton and I met through mutual friends while attending the University of Central Arkansas in the Fall of 2014. We were both involved in Greek life and ran into each other often. Without knowing it, we both thought very highly of each other the whole time. I always thought he was the cutest thing and loved that he was such a gentleman every time we were around each other. (We were secretly mutually crushing.) Fast forward a few years…I’m attending my first semester of nursing school at Baptist Health College in LR & he’s finishing up his final year at UCA. After a very stressful first semester, I was getting ready for Christmas break so I decided to post on my Facebook asking for recommendations on books to read in my free time. Well, anyone who knows Colton knows how much of a smart aleck he is, so of course he messages me and tells me to read Jane Eyre and I *politely* decline the suggestion. We continue messaging, and flirting, so I finally say (since he’s obviously not going to ask) “here’s my phone number, text me so I have yours and I’ll let you know when ever I’m in Conway so that we can get together.” From that moment on, we never stopped talking. I soon visited Conway and, with the help of my good friend Ali King, met up with him at the good ole Bears Den. After that night, the rest was history. He finally asked me to be his girlfriend on December 31st 2017. We pretty quickly fell in love with each other and soon found ourselves making forever plans. He is my biggest support system and my very best friend.

How They Asked

Fast forward through his graduation, a year of nursing school, to my graduation…Colton had secretly been planning the biggest surprise I have ever received. (Mine & his entire family knew & had been keeping this secret for over 2 months.) I had been searching for luggage for awhile (aka every time we went into TJ Maxx) and so the day of my graduation while we were eating lunch, I opened up this huge wrapped present & find this beautiful suitcase inside. He tells me to open the suitcase & inside, I find printed papers which are plane tickets & confirmation of a hotel for NYC, which is a place I have dreamed of going to during Christmas time since I can remember. Of course I hoped he would propose there, but still was skeptical of the thought. We had been shopping around for engagement rings for awhile and I knew he was having one made, but I still had no idea when the date of proposal was going to be.​ Fast forward to our trip that next weekend to NYC…we were having such an amazing time and on our second night of the trip, after a delicious dinner, he proposed at the Rockefeller Christmas Tree.​ It was everything I hoped it would be plus so much more!!

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