Sarah and Cody's Christmas Light Proposal

Image 1 of Sarah and Cody's Christmas Light ProposalHow We Met: I met Cody Causey, September 2012. He was the PE coach at the school I had just begun to teach in. I taught character education 2 days a week. And on Fridays, I would go into the gym to play with the kindergarteners during “Free Day Friday”. Coach Cody would show me all his trick basketball shots that he had been working on.

Neither of us were interested. We were both in-between relationships at different times and only spoke when we saw one another at work.

I remember when I first noticed Cody. I was aware of what I was wearing to work, and didn’t want to outfit repeat just in case he would notice. I would peek my head into the gym randomly somedays to see if he was there. One day I brought him Starbucks, but I was totally a stone cold killer. No emotion towards him, just flirting. It was easy and safe.

My favorite thing about him was how much the kids loved him. They all would run to him, completely by passing me to tell him a funny story, or when someone got hurt, he would make them feel better. He was so kind and hilarious. SO when he began more personal training, he talked me into joining his classes, that led to him becoming my crossfit trainer. We always had so much fun but I still wasn’t interested.

Not long after doing Crossfit, he would ask me to breakfast almost every week. I always had a reason to decline. Then the dinner invitations began, which I found more reasons to not go. I don’t know what came over me on this one night he asked me to dinner, but I went. It didn’t take long for him to completely win me over. Long nights talking, lots of coffee, a few moments of unsureness and many laughs later, I was completely hooked.

how they asked: I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone by and how soon the next season is coming. March 7, 2015, will be the new greatest day of my life. I will marry Cody Warren Causey and move to Oahu, Hawaii. We will start our life together living at our honeymoon…This is crazy, and awesome and exciting and crazy. Not that I ever thought that I deserved a perfect story or that mine should be duplicated as someone else’s, but to me, this is it. This is the Lords promises and faithfulness showing through to me. This is lots of chosen nights alone and prayerful date rejections. This is Jesus. Every bit of His grace in my life. And I am so glad that I walked in the elementary school gym each week to flirt with the PE coach. I am so thankful that he asked me out one last time so I would finally accept. I am so overwhelmed that he stuck it out with me when I was scared and unsure and worried about the future. He saw the best in me, and his love has produced more of the best.

…When he wanted to go see the lights in Marshall, I was suspicious, well at least I had hope. Well at least he better, this is the perfect opportunity! But there’s been several of those. Maybe not all will be lost (in true drama form).

I was excited to see the lights and to have a night with nothing to do. I knew we would have fun, we always do. After securing his pockets with my eyes, and watching his every move for a hint he was acting weird, I was sure tonight wasn’t the night and that was ok. We picked up a friend and headed off to see the lights.

Cody carries the conversation in such a way that everyone feels comfortable around him. He can make anyone in the room feel like the MVP, and every night that’s how I feel. Today was no exception. After getting there and reminding myself to let it go and have fun even with out a new weight to my left hand, we had a blast. We went on a horse drawn carriage and saw the lights. He kept my hands warm like always. It was simple and sweet, the way he always makes things. My favorite way. We walked downtown and into a quaint and overstocked antique shop.

Finally, when we were warmed enough, we went to take a picture. At the spot I had seen when we parked, there were Christmas trees and lights and music, it was lovely. Cody and I took a picture and then I switched and took one with our friend. Cody came up to me to dance, because I love dancing. When his heart just couldn’t handle it any more, he grabbed my face and said “Sarah, you know we came here for a reason, right?”

I shook my head no and burst into tears. He got down on one knee, and professed his love for me in the sweetest way, and asked my to be his wife.

My heart was overwhelmed and I was elated. I am so excited to spend my life with the one that I love and have prayed for. Of all the people in the world, and if I could choose again, I’d pick you, every time.

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