Sarah and Chris

Image 1 of Sarah and Chris

How we met: I was a freshman in college and newly single. I had recently joined a sorority and met my “Big Sister” – who of course became one of my best friends. One night we were preparing for our first themed party and Molly (my big) told me she had this guy friend that she wanted me to met. Later at the party she introduced us and we began spending a little time together at that time. It didn’t take me long to figure out this newly single freshman girl was NOT interested. I thought he was weird. He thought I was a brat – and that was the end of that. Sorry Molly, that was not a match made in heaven… or so we thought.

Several months later, we ran into each other again.. but things were different this time. I guess we both just decided to keep an open mind and give the other a shot. It was still a while before we decided we wanted to date – but eventually we did and the rest is history. I guess that proves that first impressions really can be deceiving – because I can’t imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone other than that weird guy that I met at a party almost 4 years ago!

how they asked: Chris and I got engaged on April 25, 2015. It seemed like any other weekend at the lake. Our friend, Tyler, invited us to go up to his lake house for the week, like we often do. In an attempt to have a little Tyler’s girlfriend and one of my best friends, Kelsey, decided to go have brunch before meeting our guys at the lake (little did I know this was all part of Chris’ sneaky plan).

After we finished brunch, Kelsey and I headed for the lake. We got there and headed straight for the dock where Tyler met us. It wasn’t till I was right at the steps that I noticed a card with my name on it and several bouquets of flowers. Cue the waterworks. After reading the most heart-felt and loving card I’ve ever read, I began my journey down the dock. At the end stood Chris, surrounded by lanterns, flowers, and rose petals. We sat down.

Image 2 of Sarah and Chris

As he told me about his love and future plans, I could barely see him through all my happy tears. I still don’t completely remember everything he said. When he finished he stood me up, turned around, and called Reagan – our 1 year old yellow lab who I didn’t know was there.

Image 3 of Sarah and Chris

Also hiding with our dog is my best friend for 10+ years and my Big – who had introduced Chris and I 3 years prior.

Image 4 of Sarah and Chris

Regan runs up with a sign hanging from her neck that reads “Will you marry my dad?” With eyes full of tears and a knot in my throat, I whisper yes and kiss my new FIANCE.

Image 5 of Sarah and Chris

Icing on the cake? We walk up to the main house to greet 30 of our closest friends from all over the South!