Sarah and Chris

Engagement Proposal Ideas in His home town

How We Met

Soooo we met on an app that became popular a few years ago. We both wanted to meet new friends (totally being serious). We got together to hang out after my calculus final and watch a movie. It was the most awkward start to a date I’ve ever had! He was shy and quiet and we sat there staring at the movie. But it got better and we started talking and he stayed until my dorm kicked him out. There is proof on twitter i said “this is to good to be true” when he left.

how they asked

Chris loves halloween, 10/28/2016 we went trick or treating and dressed as a goul and surgeon , our twisted idea of a couples costume. While we were walking around he kept having me fix his mask becuase he had gloves on. While walking he stopped walking and said he had to tie his shoe. He was taking forever and i was impatient so i asked if i could help. He looked up and said you can take my ghouled hand… when i went to grab it, there was the ring! I yelled “serisously?!?!?! Take the mask off and ask me!” He did and asked me to be his wife. Some family trick or treating yelled congratulations as i cried and he jumped up to hug me.