Sarah and Chris

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How We Met

Chris and I met our junior year at Michigan State when we were both admitted into the athletic training program. Because our major was so small, we had almost every class together and spent countless hours completing our clinical rotations together as well. We were both assigned to work with the Michigan State football team fall semester of 2012 and became very close friends. We even ended up living together senior year with a couple of our other friends. We remained best friends up until graduation, and I remember how devastated I was when he moved out of the house we lived in as roommates. I think I always knew that he and I could (and should!) be something more…so when I began graduate school at Oakland University the following fall, and he lived nearby in the metro Detroit area, I reached out to him to hang out first to grab dinner, then to go to a Detroit Tigers game…and the rest finally fell into place :)

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how they asked

Chris had come Up North to visit me at my parents’ house and asked me if I had anything planned for the weekend. I told him not really, that I thought we could just relax and he said “perfect, I’m taking you to get your nails done.” He told me he had a phone interview the morning he scheduled my manicure appointment and that he just wanted to do something nice for me while he was busy. I never really even have my nails painted, let alone professionally done, so I was like “sure, does this mean you’re proposing to me soon??” haha what can I say. But he played it off so casually that I really believed he was just doing this as a sweet gesture since he always spoils me.

Turns out he didn’t have an interview; while I was getting my nails done, he had turned around to go back to my house and ask my parents’ blessing for him to propose to me. I had NO clue and when Chris picked me up after my manicure to go back home, my parents surprisingly acted totally normal despite being beyond excited lol. He managed to keep this secret the entire following week while I was down at his house visiting him, and checked in with me each day on my nails – “any chips?” haha. Saturday of that week we planned to go to Michigan State – where we met – together to take cute pics (I’m always asking to, plus I had cut his hair Friday night and wanted to show it off lol), hang out, and go to Rick’s (an East Lansing bar for those reading who are non-Spartans – what can I say once a Rick’s rat always a Rick’s rat! haha), and he had me pick out his outfit for him.

I had no idea it would be the outfit he proposed to me in! We drove past the house where we were roommates senior year and walked around campus until he lead me to Beaumont Tower and asked me to stand in front of it so he could take a picture of me…then to turn around and look up at the tower so he could take a picture of me like that too. He’s always asking me to pose for pictures so I didn’t think anything of it…but when I turned around he was on his knee saying the cutest speech.

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To top it all off, he had coordinated with my little sister to have her in East Lansing to capture the entire moment for us. Best day ever!

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Special Thanks

Colleen Otte
 | Photographer