Sarah and Chris

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How We Met

Our love story began almost nine years ago, In our small town of Washington, NC. Christopher worked at our local Piggly Wiggly as a bag boy. I would come in occasionally with my mother to get our weekly groceries and soon Chris caught my eye and we always ended up in his check out lane, not on purpose or anything. He soon found me on MySpace, (I laugh out loud because that only tells you the age of our relationship) Messaged me and exchanged numbers. The rest is history!

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how they asked

My family owns land in the country and my great grandparents farm house still stands there. The old house and wrap around porch I thought would create the perfect backdrop for the rustic Christmas theme that I was only for our pictures. With our beagle in his bow tie and us in our Sunday best we loaded his up the truck and headed for my great grandparents home. Chris has always been a kind and gentle person to me, but on that morning he had been extra sweet and thoughtful. Making me coffee, making sure everything was to my likening and giving me lots of love. Looking back at this point I should of known something was up or in the making, but the exhaustion from working the night before kept my mind in a fog.We arrived at the house and proceeded to take pictures on the front porch. We had brought along with us mini Christmas tree, lanterns, and greenery to spruce this old farm house up a little.

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We took pictures for a while. To my surprise my best friends car turned into the driveway of the house and she “so happened” to be in the neighborhood, I found out later Chris had communicated with her his plans and asked her to be there to share with me our big moment. Soon after our photographer asked that we sit in two white wooden chairs along the side of the house. Our photography began to ask me questions about the house, and why this house meant meant so much to me. At this point I hadn’t even realize that Chris had stood and had stood behind me. I answered her question with “This is my families land, its been in our family for generations, and how my grandfather and my great grandfather had built this house” My photography reply was “This would be a great place to start some new memories” As soon as she said that Chris reached around me and handed me a little box wrapped in gold wrapper with a bow. I was shocked.

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I began to unwrap it, as soon as I saw the Zales writing on the box I handed it back to him and proceeded to “ugly cry” The man I had loved for eight years got on one knee and pronounced those famous words “Will you make me the happiest man in the world, and marry me?” Of course I said YES!

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Special Thanks

Natalie Kellum
 | Photographer