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How We Met

I met Charlie when he began coming to the church that I had been attending since I was twelve years old. He was invited to Harvest Assembly by a mutual friend of ours, and we quickly became friends. I told Charlie that I did not want to kiss until I knew that he was the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. We waited four and a half months before we shared that special moment. A few weeks later, he asked my dad if he could date me.

Charlie told me he loved me on a rainy afternoon at our favorite Starbucks in town. He was reading a book called Wild At Heart by John Eldredge and I was reading the book by his wife, Stasi Eldredge, when he suddenly took my hand and shared his heart with me. One of my favorite things about Charlie is his wild heart that constantly inspires me to face my fears and leads me to trust God in a greater measure.

It has been five wonderful (and long) years since that day. Charlie and I decided in the very beginning of our relationship that we would follow God’s call for our lives even when that meant waiting a little longer than we had originally planned. God’s timing truly is perfect and worth the wait!

Sarah and Charlie's Engagement in Hawksbill Mountain North Carolina

how they asked

It was the day after Christmas, and Charlie told me that he wanted to take an impromptu trip to see if we could find some colder weather. It isn’t unusual for him to ask me to pack my bags so we can head out on an adventure. Long road trips are our favorite! We made the drive up to North Carolina and he told me we were going to go back to the Pisgah National Forest. Twice throughout our relationship we have taken trips to hike up Hawksbill mountain and it has become one of my favorite places that we have been.

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On December 28th in the afternoon, we started our hour long hike. Along the way, we saw tons of beautiful hanging icicles. Once we made it to the top, Charlie set up the camera for us to recreate a photo we took on our first trip up the mountain when he gave me a kiss while hanging above me.

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It was such a clear, sunny day (even though the temperature was 23 degrees and we were freezing) so we could see the mountains in every direction around us. Charlie found us an overlook where he asked me to take another picture with him. I was looking out towards the mountains while he set up the camera. I remember him asking me if I was pondering life and if I was thinking about what I would do with the rest of my life. Then, I heard him saying, “hey” from behind me. When I turned around I saw him down on one knee holding a gorgeous ring between his fingers!!!

I was completely surprised! Charlie told me that we would be engaged before the year was over, but I was convinced he would ask me on New Year’s Eve. He even told me I would be getting my nails done once we got back home (in a final attempt to throw me). I was so frozen in shock and excitement that he had to remind me that I needed to remove my glove before he could give me the ring! Of course I said yes, and then fell to my knees to meet his embrace (and cry on his shoulder).

The day was so sweet, intimate, and well planned. I love that Charlie asked me to be his wife in a place that holds so many incredible memories for us. I cannot wait to become Mrs. Reid and continue living out our adventures!

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