Sarah and Charles

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Sea Island, Georgia

How We Met

In 2014 I was the sweetheart of Charles’ fraternity. We didn’t run in the same circles but we knew of each other. Fast forward to over 3 years later… I was sitting in the Tampa Airport. My first time traveling by air alone. I’d gone to visit friends who had just welcomed their baby boy. It’d been a wonderful weekend and as I sat in the terminal “@LiskandAssociates” liked my Instagram photo. I’d known who Charles was but we had never actually met. I was single, he was cute, we both lived in Atlanta. I figured, why not? So, I sent him a message!

The thing is. He made me laugh from the first time we officially ‘talked.’ And in case you were wondering… I didn’t puppy sit – we ended up spending four hours in a booth at a (surprise!) Mexican restaurant. He was absolutely nothing I expected him to be like.. he was more! Funny and sweet – goofy and incredibly smart – kind and full of life.

Sarah and Charles's Engagement in Sea Island, Georgia

After a month or so, we stood in the concession line at Chris Stapleton’s Atlanta show in the nastiest drizzling rain and he said to me “I’m going to marry you one day.” Since that night – we’ve had countless laughs, 11,257 Mexican dates, and we’ve grown to love one another so deeply I believe with my entire heart that God designed him especially for me and me for him.

How They Asked

Friday morning I woke up to get ready for a planned work trip that was scheduled months ago. I walked out of my room to see Charles’ bags packed and I was so confused. He informed me it was actually a trip for us… I was shocked, I was thrilled! At first, I didn’t even believe him.

First stop; Southern Soul BBQ. Charles and I are huge foodies. We had the best lunch and headed down Frederica Drive to Sea Island. As we drove down the lane overlooking the marsh I couldn’t believe a work trip had turned into something so wonderful. It was my favorite place with my favorite person.

We spent the day relaxing by the pool at the Beach Club and eventually went in to get ready for dinner. I wasn’t in the mood to re-do my hair, but after riding in the car all morning and spending all day at the pool, Charles suggested I take my time to get ready – we were at Sea Island after all! With my hair fixed and lipstick on, we headed out the door to dinner. But as soon as I stepped out the door Charles said, “I forgot my shoes!” and slammed the door.

Proposal Ideas Sea Island, Georgia

Sarah's Proposal in Sea Island, Georgia

At this point, you’re wondering…. how did she not know? Surprise trip, beautiful place, and so weird that he forgot his “shoes.” Well, he really held it together! And it’s definitely not unusual for him to forget something and run back into the house. So I thought this was like any other time.

We enter the main lobby of the Cloister and I wanted to snag a cocktail. It was a vacation! Charles insisted we get down to the bay and see the boats. So we walk through the courtyard and down the stairs. Following the path, we head to a spot with a beautiful tree. The sunset was incredible. I was staring at the bay looking at the painted sky and he said, “Hey babe!” and I turn around to see him take a knee and say the words I’ve prayed about for so long…

“Will you Marry me?”

Sweet side notes, When he opened the ring box – the ring was upside down. I’m so glad it didn’t fall out!

As I cried “YES!” and he stood up to hug me, I couldn’t help but cry happy tears. I’ve always dreamed of this moment. When I first started dating Charles I spoke of his kindness and how good he was to me. He is funny, incredibly smart, and his smile lights the room. I still can’t believe I get to spend forever with him. I thank God for allowing our paths to cross!