Sarah and Charles

Where to Propose in Aspen, CO

How We Met

We met through a mutual friend at a viewing party for a football game. I thought he was pretty cute, and we flirted the whole afternoon. When the game was over we both left the house and he didn’t ask for my number! Later that night we matched on a dating app and had our first date the next day.

How They Asked

We had been planning a ski trip to my hometown for months! We live in Alaska, and my entire family lives in Colorado, so my sisters made the short drive so we could all be together. My sisters (who were in on the plan) insisted on doing family photos the first day we were there because we are “never all together like this,” and because we live so far away. I was grumpy about wasting my vacation time taking pictures with my family but agreed to do it.

Proposal Ideas Aspen, CO

We took family photos, my parents had individual photos, my sister took some pictures with her fiance, and then they told Charles and me to take pictures together too. I was ready to stop taking pictures and continue with our vacation plans so I was completely surprised to find out that Charles had set up the whole thing to propose!

Special Thanks

Brandy Keleher
 | Photographer