Sarah and Carl

How We Met

We actually met at a party in high school. We were both from the same school district but I ended up going to the vocational high school instead so we had never crossed paths until then. It was the summer going into my senior year and he had just graduated. His pick up line was, “hey wanna go back to my place and go swimming?”. That’s where it all began!

how they asked

We went to a wedding Friday the night before putting in Newport and booked a hotel room to stay the night. Sunday was Easter and early Monday morning we were leaving for vacation so I was eager to get home on Saturday to do our errands. We first had to go to my parents’ house to pick up our puppy. I talked to my mom a bit and told her how the wedding was the night before. Carl later told me how he couldn’t wait to get out of there in fear of her slipping up and ruining the surprise. So we leave and head for home. When we get to our house I am completely unaware of what is to come. We unload the car and head on into the house. He gives me the keys to open up the door. You first walk into our dining room and I see bouquets of red roses on the table with rose petals scattered all over it.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in At our house

Proposal Ideas At our house

The actual first words out of my mouth were, “What is this, why would my mom do this!”. I was thinking that when she picked our puppy up the night before she put the bouquets there because it’s not out of the ordinary for her to do that. I then took in the situation and saw red balloons hanging throughout the kitchen and dining room with more vases of rose petals and votive candles. I was in complete shock and turned back to Carl saying, “what is going on?!”. As I moved closer to the kitchen I noticed that all the balloons had pictures of us hanging from the bottom of the strings. I couldn’t believe what was happening! Then I looked through the balloons and on our wall was a hand-painted sign that said, “Will you marry me?”. I turned to Carl and he got down on one need and proposed. I never expected such a sweet idea to come from him, (with the help of his sister and mom executing the setup). It was the most special moment of my life!