Sarah and Bryce

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how we met

Bryce and I met the first day of college our freshman year at Southern Methodist University. We were in the same music theory classes and ended up spending a lot of time together as the semester progressed because Bryce excelled at the ear training portion and I struggled with it. By the end of freshman year, we were really close friends. We kissed right before summer break and I thought it would lead to the start of something more but neither of us seemed willing to make the first move.

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Our friendship continued with a hint of flirtation throughout the next few years and eventually I got tired of waiting for Bryce to make a move. On New Year’s Eve 2014, I invited myself to a party that Bryce’s family friends were hosting. The party was a family-only event so Bryce let me know that we would need to play the role of boyfriend and girlfriend if I wanted to go. I was more than okay with that! We shared a New Years’ Eve kiss and in the car on the way home Bryce said that we played the role of a couple so well that we should try it more often. So we started dating and within a few weeks we knew this was it.

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how they asked

One week during the summer of 2015, Bryce took me to Fuller’s Jewelry store with both of our moms and had me try on rings. Later that week he disappeared for a few hours and wouldn’t tell me what he was doing. I put two-and-two together and knew he must have bought the ring. We were at his parents’ house the next day and Bryce asked me to take a walk with him. We strolled over to the gazebo in the backyard and sat down. He placed the ring box on the table and said, “This is it, let’s get married.”

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He was crying and I was shocked he asked me considering his history of not making moves. I could not imagine a better proposal. We are so excited for the wedding on June 25!

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