Sarah and Bryan - a MySpace Match!

Bryan and Sarah met on Myspace. Yes! Myspace! Bryan messaged her using a line from Anchorman – and the rest was history!

The Marriage Proposal….

It just so happened that Bryan and I had the same weekend off and Bryan was about to leave for Schulmberger training school in Oklahoma for a month. I had just come home from work and was so tired and just wanted to order a pizza and watch a movie…thinking it was an early to bed night!

But Bryan had convinced me to celebrate my birthday early with him. He suggested since I was so tired that we open presents and go out to dinner. Being that I hadn’t eaten lunch that day I was starving so I suggested we go eat first an then open presents. Bryan had another agenda, however, so he convinced me to sit down and open my gifts. He got me two beautiful pieces of jewelry from Stella & Dot that I have had on my wish list for some time – I was truly elated because I LOVE jewelry. I thanked him and stood up to get ready for dinner. Bryan had a confused look on his face and asked me where the third box was…that there were supposed to be three pieces. I told him there were only two and he got up and told me he remembered that he put the third one in his closet so I wouldn’t find it.

There I was standing up, purse on shoulder ready to go to dinner and he comes out in the living room, gets down on his knee and asked me to marry him. I’ll save you ALL the gushy details, but I was SHOCKED and could barely get out the words to tell him YES! It was the perfect way to surprise me because I wasn’t expecting it and I’m pretty nosy so I would have figured out some big elaborate scheme!! Just us and the pups in the comfort of our living room! An evening after work I will NEVER forget!

Photos by Hidden Key Designs Photography by Barbara Butts